Proofing furnaces

Proofers and furnaces are a structure consisting of a proofer and oven, united by a common conveyor. The units are designed to produce tin bread from rye and wheat flour and provide .

Equipment for laying bread.

From the sorting table, bread products are sent to tray or bezlotkovye containers. For tray containers, three- or four-sided trays with lattice (for rye, rye-wheat, tin and bottom) are used. .

The device and the work of pasta presses.

The presses differ in the design of the dispensers, the number of chambers in the kneading machine and their location, the number of pressing screws, the design of the pressing heads, the shape of the dies and the place of evacuation.

The device and the work of matrices for pasta.

The dies are made of corrosion-resistant, durable materials, such as brass LS59-1 (GOST 15527 - 70), solid phosphorous bronze BrAZh9-4l and stainless steel 1X18Н9Т (GOST 5949-XNXXXXXUMXXUMXXX75-XNUMX) In the absence of stainless steel, it is replaced by less .

Nutrition and Health

Since ancient times, people have understood the great importance of healthy food. The thinkers of antiquity, Hippocrates,

Celsus, Galen, and others dedicated whole treatises to the healing properties of various types of food and its reasonable consumption. .

pelleting chocolate

The coating is a special process of consistently applying layers of chocolate or sugar using rotating surfaces ( by stencil method). Suraging sugar is considered in different sections of this book, and below we consider only chocolate coating.

Chocolate is often coated with nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts, as a rule, are first roasted, and Brazil nuts are not). Raisins, condensed milk balls, canned ginger or cherries, various pastes and nougat are also used as fillings. Filling .



To improve the quality of confectionery products, spices, wine and seasonings are used. They are used in very small quantities, because otherwise you can spoil the taste of the products and distort their characteristic smell.

Spices. Spices represent .


Pies, pies, pies, pies, chicken cookers and other flour culinary products are prepared with various fillings from meat, offal, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, cereals, eggs, etc.

Minced meat is prepared from meat or offal, which is crushed using a cutter or .

Baking Equipment

The complex of thermophysical, biochemical and colloidal processes taking place in the working chambers of the baking ovens determines the quality of the products produced: appearance, baking and volumetric yield of baked bread.

Bakery ovens can be .