Technological equipment: bakery, macaroni and confectionery

Production lines for bakery production

Saturday, June 10 2017 04: 19
In the process of complex mechanization and automation of production, individual machines and apparatuses are combined into aggregates and production lines. A set of specialized technological machines arranged in accordance with a certain technological process and interconnected by transport devices is called a flow line. Mechanization and automation of production processes in the organization of production lines can be partial or ...

Production lines for pasta

Friday, June 09 2017 15: 51
Lines are a set of unified equipment installed in the order of the technological process and connected together by vehicles. At the enterprises of the sector, the production of pasta is carried out mainly on automated lines, which by their function are divided into lines for the production of long and short pasta. LMG line for the production of long pasta ...
In confectionery factories, confectionery products are produced on the line-mechanized lines, where all the necessary operations are performed in one synchronous flow. Scheme of production of wrapped caramel with fruit and berry stuffing. The technological process of caramel preparation consists of the following stages: the preparation of syrup; Preparation of caramel mass; Cooling and processing of caramel mass; Preparation of caramel fillings; Caramel molding; Cooling caramel; ...
Scheme of production of apple apple marmalade. The composition of the line (Figure 7.18) includes a prescription and cooking station, a marmalade machine and a dryer. Puree, previously rubbed on the wiping machine through a sieve with a diameter of cells 1,5 mm, is pumped into 1 mixers, which serve to make blended puree in order to obtain a homogeneous mass of puree ...

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