The technology of bread and bakery products

Adoption designation publications: Proceedings Izv.- MHSSE USSR universities under the heading "Food technology". HSS - Bakery and confectionery industry. Tr. MTIPP, LTIPP and KTIPP - works Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev Technological Institute of Food Industry. Tr. UNIIPP - Proceedings of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Food Industry. Tr. VNIIHP - Proceedings of the National Research Institute for the baking ...

Preparation of the test with some improvers.

Thursday, October 22 2015 09: 23
Preparation of the test with some improvers. In terms of mechanization and automation of bakery production, the introduction of a continuous process for the preparation of the dough, reducing its fermentation period is particularly important ability to adjust the physical properties of semi-finished products and dough to get the best quality products.

Accelerated test methods for preparing

Thursday, October 22 2015 08: 05
Accelerated methods of preparing dough. Preparation of test ferments dry. Kneading conventional biochemical methods based on fermentation requires a long time. Reducing fermentation time leads to the fact that the test is not accumulated the necessary amount of acids and other flavoring and aromatic substances, flavor and aroma forming finished products.
Preparation of the test for the Ukrainian bread on the liquid leaven without welding method for preparing a meal of bread Ukrainian liquid ferments without the use of welding flour [156]. Kiev factory number 2 mastered this method and applied it to 1958 was to develop Ukrainian bread made from rye and wheat wholemeal.
Preparation of the dough made from rye flour with liquid ferments Features dough liquid zakvaskahSposobu dough to leaven the dense many inherent disadvantages. Preparation of the vast majority of plants in the paddock equipment associated with heavy physical work, dosing and transport due to their high viscosity are certain difficulties.

Preparation of dough from rye flour

Wednesday, October 21 2015 08: 05
Preparation of dough from rye flour on thick ferments Features dough from rye flour rye dough is different from wheat lack of "gluten. Protein substances of rye flour are more hydrophilic. They are lighter swell most of the swells indefinitely, with peptizing and goes into a colloidal solution (sol) .
Comparison of the dry matter losses in the preparation of the fermentation test for dense sponge flour with different contents therein. It was shown earlier that the flow rate of dry matter flour for fermentation increases with the content of flour in the sponge and the duration of the fermentation. In this regard, it was required to find out the effect of a significant increase in ...
Preparation of the dough without fermentation before razdelkoyOsnovnye principles of technological schemes are. The dough is prepared in the liquid sponge without pouring water when mixing with the salt dosing phase segregated. Kneading is performed in the machine X-12 extra intensive mehanicheskoyobrabotkoy in the screw.
Methods for preparing the wheat dough with intense and reduced the batch fermentation period before razdelkoy.Naryadu with conventional dough preparation technology currently used with the new schemes fermentation period of reduced or no fermented dough before butchering.
flour heating during the winter when working on large liquid oparahPri work on liquid sponge, prepared from the total amount of water provided by the recipe, created difficulties in the winter season.

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