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In the markets already full of strawberries are being sold. Despite the horror stories about the dangers of early berries, it is impossible to resist this fragrant temptation. However, experts assure that it is possible to find a quality natural product on the shelves.
Bulgarian pepper is a real storehouse of vitamin C. Even citrus fruits and currants are not competitors to it. And he complements salads and other dishes in the best way.
Whether it's diet or fasting, it often happens that you need to reduce consumption or even eliminate meat products from the diet. But do not despair, because there is a wonderful alternative to an appetizing piece of steak, namely - dietary home-made sausage!
"When heated, honey loses all its useful properties," this truth is carved in all books on beekeeping and cooking. But how hard it is to give up my mother's honey and tea with a spoonful of this fragrant delicacy! But when added to hot drinks and dishes, honey turns into ordinary sugar.
A healthy balanced diet helps to overcome illnesses, lose excess pounds and build muscle mass. The consumption of foods with a high protein content is necessary for the healthy and harmonious functioning of the whole organism.
Today the editorial board "So Simple!" Has prepared a really special recipe for all sweet tooth. Very bright and colorful cake, and most importantly - incredibly delicious! He will like everyone who is crazy about the wonderful combination of jelly and fruit.
Buying fish in the market or in the supermarket, do not hesitate to ask questions about the quality of the goods. To purchase an excellent product, it is important to know the country of origin of the fish where it was grown (indoor or outdoor pool with a risk of contamination), the way to catch (if the fish is wild).
Few people experience the pleasure of cleaning the kitchen ... Cleaning the hood, washing the refrigerator and tile in the kitchen sometimes leads the housewives to hysteria. Our editorial team offers you a few everyday tricks that will help you clean up what might not have been possible to wash.
In 30 years it is easy enough to maintain the desired form and lose weight, in 40 to stay slim becomes a little more difficult, for 45 years already there is a tummy, if not to play sports.
Life without desserts is boring and unbearable. True, they are a little treacherous and can leave a memory of themselves in the form of sagging sides. But there are also useful sweets, which in moderate amounts will only please your stomach and improve your mood.

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