Nutrition and Health

Since ancient times, people have understood the great importance of healthy food. The thinkers of antiquity, Hippocrates,

Celsus, Galen, and others dedicated whole treatises to the healing properties of various types of food and its reasonable consumption. .

Taste delicious corn, add to the pot 2 secret ingredient!

Adore varenuyu CORN! Always felt that it should cook in salted water, and a little longer to become soft grain ... As it turned out, I was very far from the truth!

To feast on juicy, tender, sweet and extremely helpful corn, enough at cooking in a pan add 2 simple ingredient. The result exceeds all expectations: the best that I ever tasted!

How to cook corn

For cooking, choose starts breast spelosty sugar varieties of corn.


  • 5 initial corn
  • water
  • 1 Art. milk
  • 50 g butter


  • Cut the ears in half, lay them in a pan. Pour so much water so that it completely covers the corn, and put on fire.
  • When the water in the pan boils, pour


pelleting chocolate

The coating is a special process of consistently applying layers of chocolate or sugar using rotating surfaces ( by stencil method). Suraging sugar is considered in different sections of this book, and below we consider only chocolate coating.

Chocolate is often coated with nuts (almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts, as a rule, are first roasted, and Brazil nuts are not). Raisins, condensed milk balls, canned ginger or cherries, various pastes and nougat are also used as fillings. The filling must be relatively solid, otherwise it may spread over the sheet.

pelleting technology usually consists of three separate operations:

Preliminary enrobing fillings;

applying a chocolate layer (or sugar in sugar panning);

final glazing to make the products shine and protect against abrasion and moisture.

Drageeing devices (fig.) Are made of copper or stainless steel especially for those or other purposes: coating with sugar, chocolate or for simple glazing. They can be equipped with devices for emptying and changing the speed. Such drageeing devices are also equipped with air ducts, on which the products blow air during their rotation. The temperature and humidity of the air is important to maintain within the specified narrow limits. Cooling dry chocolate requires cold, dry air, while warmer syrup requires warmer air. Initially, syrup and chocolate were applied manually, but in modern large installations they use spray guns (tuned to individual sheets with the ability to adjust the direction of the jet when the device rotates). The supply is carried out by pipeline from the tanks, and one can control all the pan coating devices.
pelleting technology usually consists of three separate operations:

preliminary glazing of the filling;