Puff pastry - Baking puff pastry

Bake puff pastry

Baking does not pose any problems. The optimum formation of dough is achieved if the temperature at the entrance of the oven is very high (as in kilns for crackers). If the heating in the oven down front is too strong .

Puff pastry - Cooking puff pastry


Preparation puff pastry

The basis of puff pastry is the formation of layers of dough, separated by a film of fat. It is necessary that there be a lot of layers, and each of them was very thin and more or less separated from the adjacent layers. Therefore it is necessary .

Puff pastry - Puff pastry

Puff pastry

Consumer properties of puff pastry are mainly determined by quality fat product used for lamination.

general description

Puff cookies have layers, and this makes it an attractive alternative to cookies with .

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

The law entered into force on October 1 1991 year
Resolution of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR
May 12 1991 from year N 1024-XII

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Laws of Ukraine
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On the safety and quality of food

ZA O N U A R K ¯ H &

On the safety and quality of food

(Verkhovna Rada (VVR), 1998, N 19, c. 98)

(Із зміными, making changes in accordance with the laws
N 2681-III (2681-14) to 13.09.2001, BBP, 2002, .

Law on the marking




Effective as of 2010 _-__-___


This standard applies to foods of domestic and foreign production, packaged in consumer packaging, which implement in Ukraine through wholesale or retail trade network and institutions restaurant industry (including pre-schools, schools, medical, health care facilities etc.), directly related to customer service, and sets the general rules and concepts on the necessary information about the foods that should be applied to consumer packaging. The requirements of this standard should be considered when companies trade rozfasovuvannya products to be sold to consumers.

The standard does not apply to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

This standard is suitable for use in the production, storage, identification of foods.

Requirements for the labeling of foodstuffs, laid down in applicable national, international and other normative documents used to the extent not inconsistent with this standard.

The information provided by the requirements of this standard for foods that require further packaging or packaging them for sale directly through the retail distribution network, provides the seller.

2 Normative references

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In this standard, the terms and definitions of terminology standards applicable and the following:

3.1 is a bioactive active additive (BAA) - special food products, values ​​for implantation, abo introduction in the norms of the norms of norms to the races of food and food products, with the help of nadimi of health, professional and political authorities for