Fats and oils - Fat for puff pastry

Fats and oils - fat for puff pastry

Fats and oils - fat for puff pastryThe fat in fillings for cookies sandwiching

The density of fillings for cookies is an important characteristic that depends on aeration. You can easily make the filling of plasticized meat at about 20 ° C by mixing it with ground sugar. Mixing .

Fats and oils - Fat as a component of cookie dough

Fat as a test component for cookies

Fat as a test component for cookiesFat as a test component for cookies

Puff pastry is a special type of semi-finished product and will be discussed further. With regard to the preparation of various types of dough, which requires a uniform distribution of fat, they are made .

Fats and oils - Specialty fat products

Fatty foods for special purposes

Fatty foods for special purposesFatty foods for special purposes

The main commercial fats are obtained from various plants, animals and fish. Improving the methods of cleaning fats made it possible to create fat products with certain .

Yeast and Enzymes - Introduction

Yeasts and enzymes - Introduction

Yeasts and enzymes - IntroductionYeast and enzymes

Proteases are used to change the properties of gluten, and if gluten in the dough is too strong for the cookies, they are increasingly used as an alternative to sodium metabisulfite.


Test properties can be changed .

Fats and oils - Assigning fats to MKI

Appointment of fat in the MCI

Appointment of fat in the MCIAppointment of fat in the MCI

Fats are used in dough making, coating surfaces, in cream fillers and finishing, for example, chocolate. To a small extent, fats are also used to lubricate the hearth belts. Butter - .

Fats and oils

Fats and oils

Fats and oilsFats and oils

Before a manufacturer of flour confectionery products is a daunting task selecting the fat products according to his requirements.

Fats are probably the most important ingredients used in the production of cookies, .