The viscosity of the chocolate

The viscosity of the chocolate

Viscosity and methods for its determination, we discussed in detail in the chapter on emulsifiers. Nevertheless, it seems appropriate here to once again touch on some points concerning .



Conching can be considered the last technological operation in the production of chocolate mass, regardless of whether it is dark chocolate or milk. It is very important for the formation of the final texture and taste of the aromatic properties of chocolate, and therefore became .

Production of milk chocolate


The above-described techniques are applicable for production of both dark and milk chocolate, but in the latter case - only after inclusion of milk solids.

An important part of the production technology of milk chocolate .

Chocolate production - Cooking ingredients


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Cooking ingredients

The two main ingredients (cocoa nibs and sugar) must be ground before or at the same time as they are crushed in a machine that combines the processes of grinding and mixing. Ways of working out .

Chocolate Production - Ingredients


The main ingredients in the production of chocolate are cocoa nibs, cocoa liquor, sugar, other sweeteners, cocoa butter, butter (baked), milk powder, milk chips and emulsifiers. .

Use of lecithin in chocolate


From the foregoing, it should be clear that the action of lecithin is purely a surface, and therefore it is important that the solid particles on the surface of chocolate was activated maximum amount of added lecithin.


Mobilometr Gardner

Mobilometr Gardner

This device was originally recommended in 1932 by the American Association of Newspaper Publishers to measure the consistency of printing ink. The possibility of its use in the production of chocolate has been studied, and it has proven to be a reliable and inexpensive means of determining .

Other fats related with cocoa butter

Cocoa fat from the cocoa bean shell. As we have noted, in the normal extraction of cocoa butter from whole cocoa beans the amount of cocoa fat envelope of 0,74% of the total amount of cocoa butter.

When extracting .

Fats, cocoa butter substitutes (CBS)

Fats other than cocoa butter, but which can be with or mixed with chocolate in a small amount, called fat, cocoa butter substitutes (CBS, Cocoa Butter Substitutes).

Formerly some manufacturers to dilute .

Fats, cocoa butter substitutes

On the need to produce cocoa butter as an independent product for the chocolate industry and the associated price increases during periods of low yields, we have already mentioned above. Over the years, scientists have been searching .