Solubility, saturated and supersaturated solutions


67328665The site uses many terms associated with the technology of confectionery production. According to the recommendations we will try to explain all the terms in one chapter, not limited to the available links to other sources.

For this reason .

Attributed confections harm

Attributed confections harm

The mass media widely raises the question of the dangers of confectionery to human health. In fact, they only give 4% of total calorie intake, and the media just mislead people. Of course, some people eat sweets much more .

Nutritional value and composition of foods

Nutritional value and composition of foods

Lovers of confectionery rarely pay attention to their nutritional value - they eat sweets because they like them. Sometimes the type of sweets products referred to as "food for fun."

There are probably more different confectionery products than any other food products. .

Food poisoning and the presence of foreign bodies

Sanitary condition, food poisoning and the presence of foreign bodies

Note by the author. Much of the information in this chapter is based on the experience and practice of the UK, but we hope that it will also benefit readers from other countries. Due to differences in climate and larger population problems in other countries .

Control of microbiological quality

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08 01smControl of microbiological quality

Microbiological issues are discussed in detail in the relevant sections. The need for microbiological control is determined mainly by the following objectives:


Integrated Process Control System

Integrated Process Control System

In the confectionery industry, much attention is paid to such systems. They were developed in the chemical and petroleum industries based on certain physical or chemical characteristics — boiling point, density, viscosity, .

confectionery Quality Control

Кquality control
Although the general principles of quality control for many years remain the same, now instead of the term "control" is often used the concept of "security".

In dictionaries, the term “provide” (to assure) is matched .

Products with different layers

Products with different layers

Products with different layersProducts with different layers

Many confectionery bars appeared on the market, consisting of layers of various products that are in contact with each other. Many of these bars are attractive, but often far from the technology employees of firms are not .