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Milk Quality Standards

Milk Quality Standards
The most important ingredients of chocolate and confectionery products are dairy products, and various ways of using them are described throughout the book. Milk chocolate is becoming increasingly popular, and although dry milk is still used to produce it in large volumes, milk grains are also widely used (granulated cocoa, powdered milk and sugar) due to its quality and special taste. In the confectionery industry are widely used condensed milk with sugar and without sugar. Recovered milk is also used, but in this case it is necessary to take particular care in preparing the dispersion. Increasingly begin to apply products from whey. Liquid milk is rarely used, because large amounts of water are required to condense it in evaporators. Nevertheless, representatives of some companies claim that the best milk sweets are made on the basis of liquid milk. In many enterprises, fresh cream and other dairy products are used - butter and milk fat, lactose and modified milk protein.Milk Quality Standards Confectionery production technologist should know the characteristics and composition of the various dairy products used, in which, we hope, will help him set out below a summary. In cases where more information is required about any kinds of raw materials, you can refer to the works referred to at the end of this chapter, and other literature available in libraries.

Liquid milk

The most common dairy product in most countries is cow milk, but in some regions other types of milk are used. For example, in India and in some countries of the Middle East, buffalo milk is used, and in many .