Production technology of fruit jelly

Fruit jelly can be made on agar, pectin or agaroid. In each case, their production technology has its own characteristics.

Production želejnogo formovogo jam

The production of this variety of marmalade on agar or agaroid includes .

Features of the process studneobrazovaniya agaropodobnyh substances

Features of the process studneobrazovaniya agaropodobnyh substances

The above-described mechanism of pectin jelly applicable to agaropodobnyh substances. However, the nature of these gelling agents, their molecular structure and physicochemical properties require some features noted gelation process.

Molecular .

Production of jelly jelly masses

Jelly marmalade, as well as apple, have a gelatinous structure. As gelling agents are used in their manufacture substances such as agar, agaroid, furcellaran, dry pectin and modified starches. Imitation .

Packing, packaging and storage of apple jelly

Dryer jam

Dryer jam

Formed in one way or another, marmalade has a sticky surface, a loose consistency and high humidity 29-30%. To give it a marketable appearance, it is dried to a moisture content of 22-24%. In the process of drying the products from above are covered with a thin crystalline .