INFLUENCE OF kneading dough on the formation

Injecting the ability of the deputy to the process of settling the test
During the hour, the deputy mastova, to be established from the main components, to sing singing mech, tobto be singing and intensely.

Other flour

Other types of flour

Іnshі vidi boroshna
Boroshno tritіkale
Other types of flourTritіkale - tse piece grain crops were laid out, yak was renounced for scholars of wheat (Triticum) and life (Secale). Tse wheat-zhitnіy amfіdiploїd. .

Packaging of finished products


Packaging of finished products.
upakovka-hlebaPackaging, according to GOST 16299 - 78, is the preparation of products for transportation, storage, sale and consumption using packaging.

Determining readiness rich products

Determining Whether your buns

Determination of readiness of rich products
Determining Whether your bunsIn the baking process, correct determination of product readiness is of great importance. The quality of the products, the thickness and color of the crust, the state of the crumb, .

Baking Viennoiserie

Baking Viennoiserie

Baking pastry bakery products
Baking ViennoiserieUnder baking is understood to be heated in the baking chamber of the dough to turn it into a finished product. Baking rich products is a complicated process. .