Souffle with vegetables

Apple souffle

Apple souffleSoufflé - sweet and healthy life, good for children, little people and ills. Schob souffle bulo vysokoї yakostі, zbitі on a thick pіnu bіlki trebaya staranno zmishuvati .

Various sweet dishes

Baked apples

Baked applesCookies apple.
Yabluka myut in cold water і і, not rozrіzayuchi, they see the heart of the colonel of the column, and if so it is mute, rozrіzyayut navpіl і see .

Pudding with fruit

apple Pudding

apple PuddingPuddings boil on a water bath in a very close form. Triviality varіnnya lay vіd vikorisovuvanikh products_v. Serving hot puddings .

Fruit salads.

Fruit and nut salad.

Fruit and nut salad.Apple salad and grapes.
Yabluka Myut, cleanse, ringing vіd sertsevini i narіzayut skichkami, .

Meals with fruits and berries

Meals with fruits and berries

Meals with fruits and berriesSvіzhі fruits and berries are the most beautiful, delicious, sweet dessert, and before that they are elegant, privabley embellished the table.
The value of the fruit that yagіd our nagging .

Modes of nutrition.

Modes of nutrition.I understand perfectly well that at the current level of life in Ukraine it is very difficult to perceive everything described below, but at least to dream. We do not think about what we eat and how much, it happens even once a day. Rush. Not hungry well .