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Baked potato with toppings

Recipes from Tatyana Slipchenko I appreciate a man not for the words he says to me, but for the actions he does Baked potatoes with fillings per 100 g 100 kcal Approximately 1 kg of potatoes or more (about 7-8 medium potatoes) 1 kg salt 1 option: mushroom filling 300 g champignons 100 g fine cheese 125 ml cream 1 egg 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg salt, pepper according to [...]

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Humidity of sand and protracted test

Moisture content of short and lingering doughs Short and lingering doughs contain less water than biscuit dough and, in particular, bread dough. In the same way, shortbread and lingering dough differ from each other in that they contain different amounts of water. The explanation for this should be sought primarily in the fact that they contain different amounts of fillers and, first of all, sugar and [...]