For the confectionery business

How to open a food production?

How to open food production? 1. The choice of activity. First, we determine the scope of activity. Food and catering enterprises have their pros and cons. A huge plus is the high profitability and quick payback of the enterprise. Not a single heavy industry enterprise, factory or factory can count on a quick return on invested money. And in the food industry - [...]

The technology of bread and bakery products

Puff product / formulation, preparation technology.

Recipe for leafy yeast dough Recipe for puff yeast dough SYROVINA% Wheat dough 100 Water 48-49 Cil 2 Pressed dough 4 Orange record Abo dry dry 1 Saf-instant gold Polipshuvach Mazhimyuks etiuletov. 1 Gluten 1 Abo polіpshuvach Mazhimіks with a light green label. 0,8 Gluten 1 Abo polіpshuvach Mazhimіx with a blue label. 1,5-2 Zukor 12 Vershkovo butter [...]


Sour Leven LV1 starter cultures

The use of starter cultures for resource-saving technology for the preparation of sourdough bakery products of wheat flour Andreev AN, Associate Professor,, Pleshanova NN, graduate student. St. Petersburg State University of Low-Temperature and Food Technologies The paper compares the starting cultures Saf-Leven LV1 and Saf-Leven LV4 for breeding starter for white bread from wheat flour. As a control sample, spontaneous ferment [...]