Potato casserole with chicken

Potato casserole with chicken

Potato casserole is a fairly simple and hearty meal for the whole family that is easy to prepare.

You will need

Potatoes-0,5 kg
Chicken (fillet) -0,5 kg
Mayonnaise-200 g
L. Olive oil-2 Art.
Sour cream-200 g
Cheese hard-100 g
Dill-xnumx .

Veal stew with carrots and peas

Veal stew with carrots and peas


Veal - 600g

Carrots - 200g (2-3 pcs.)

Green peas - 150g

Luk - 2 No.

Butter - 40g

Cream - 100g

Sugars - 0,5 teaspoon

Half of lemon

Flour - 1 Art. spoon with a slide



Bay Leaf - 1

Cut meat into pieces, sprinkle .

Casserole with eggplant

Casserole with eggplant

Cooking foods for meals:
Two onions,
Two carrots,
Two eggplant,
500 c. potato
Three tomatoes,
100 c. cheese
about 250 c. minced meat.
It's the number of ingredients intended for the preparation of meals in 4-people.

Shred .

Julienne with mushrooms

Julienne with mushrooms

Quick and tasty retseptik for all occasions.
200 c. mushrooms;
1 bulb;
4 Art. sour cream;
100 gr cheese

Method of preparation

1. My, clean and cut slices of mushrooms;

2. Finely chop the onion and fry a little in the pan;
3. Mix mushrooms, onions and sour cream. .

Kurnik home Uzbek

Kurnik home Uzbek

Ingredients for the dough:

Wheat flour, a pound
margarine - half a pack
cream - 100 d
eggs - one egg
soda slaked - half teaspoon.

For filling:
Potato - 300 g
bulb onions - a pair of medium bulbs
chicken fillet .

Pie "slothful"

Laziness cake

2 thin sheet of lavash
500 grams of minced meat (can be substituted for mushrooms, potatoes)
onion, greens
to fill:
3 eggs
5 tbsp mayonnaise
2 tbsp ketchup


Make the stuffing, add onions, greens, salt and pepper to taste. Put the leaf pita. And minced it .