The fastest chebureks recipe: for the true meat eaters!

Wafer cake layers are a universal product for those who do not have enough time to cook. Everybody knows about wafer cakes with condensed milk. Well, what about meat snacks? Have"So simple!" there is a great idea of ​​quick and satisfying food for family and guests - .

Hearts of whipped cream - sweet decoration for hot cocoa!

Nice little things you need to surprise a loved one, not only on Valentine! If you value your relationship, do not be lazy to care as much as possible. Sometimes even the smallest romantic surprises give a person to understand that he is not indifferent to you.

Sweet Use: seven delicious dried fruits

In the winter in our latitudes, natural vitamins - its weight in gold. Although overseas juicy fruits are on the shelves in abundance, the use of dried fruit outshines all of their valuable qualities. What dry fruits needed by the body in the cold and tasty that you can cook from them?