MED against changes to the technical regulations of IVS

Ministry of Economic Development (MED) issued a negative opinion on the draft amendments to the technical regulations of the Customs Union on oil and fat products (IVS), according to the agency.

"The draft act is supposed to establish requirements for the transportation of vegetable oil .

Italian pizza will pay child support

A court in the Italian city of Padua recognized the local resident (his name is not specified), the right to pay ex-wife alimony as a pizza. On Friday, May 27, reports The Local.

Ukrainian in Crimea was sentenced for smuggling meat

Crimean court sentenced a Ukrainian businessman Nikolay Karpenko to 3,5 years in prison for smuggling of pork. As reported on Friday, May 27, the Russian Investigative Committee Directorate of the Republic of Crimea, it will also be obliged to pay a fine of 49 million rubles.

RPN has revealed counterfeit 69 MOLZAVOD

Rospotrebnadzor (RPN) in conducting audits revealed 69 nonexistent factories making adulterated dairy products, the press-service agency.

"When carrying out control activities in 2015 year - May 2016 year, experts Rospotrebnadzor .

US: Coca-Cola were allowed to use the word zero

The US Disputes and Appeals Committee for the registration of trademarks decided that Coca-Cola does not have exclusive rights to the word zero as a trademark, but allowed it to use it to sell diet drinks, reports .