Products made of biscuit dough

Biscuit dough is prepared without chemical leavening agents and yeast. To give a porous structure, it introduces beaten eggs or egg whites, which are the mechanical baking powder.

The composition of the sponge dough includes .

Nestle sales grew by 2016 12%

Nestle sales in Russia-Eurasia region grew in 2016 12% on year and amounted to 114,4 billion rubles. This is stated in the materials of the company to a press conference the head of Nestle in Russia-Eurasia Martial Rolland.

The plans Yum Brands robotics their establishments

Artificial intelligence, robots and automation can replace people in the catering industry "by the middle of the 2020", said Greg Creed, CEO of Yum Brands.

According to him, reports RNS, Yum has already launched automated kiosks in Shanghai, and in one Pizza Hut visitors .

Tkachev: we do only break into the Chinese market

Russia and China signed a long-term contract for the export of domestic products. The contract is part of the program "The New Land Grain Corridor Russia-China", within the framework of which trade relations with the eastern neighbor are developing.

"Massandra" returns its position in Europe

The Crimean winemaking enterprise "Massandra" returns to the European countries, despite the sanctions, the general director of the enterprise Janina Pavlenko has informed.

The enterprise turned out to be under sanctions after the reunification of the Crimea with Russia.