Gingerbread products

Since ancient times, gingerbread has been very popular in our country. They were prepared in various varieties, types and sizes from small gingerbreads weighing only a few grams to huge gingerbreads and gingerbreads weighing 1 —1,5 .

Additives MKI - Crackers

Crackers (dry biscuits) are flour confectionery products with a high fat content, with a layered and brittle structure. Depending on the method of preparation and the formulation, the cracker is divided into the following .

Confectionery factory Vitba rebranded

This spring, the confectionary factory "Vitba" conducted a rebranding: the logo, corporate identity and brand motto changed. On the site of the enterprise, we found new visuals and a description of the goals and reasons for updating.

"By rebranding or redesigning your image, the company .