Ice cream for my granddaughters.

Thursday, February 28 2019 09: 28
I loved ice cream all my life. I thought it made cool experts at the level of God. But only in old age I learned to do it. Understand the principle of cooking through mistakes and damage to raw materials. I now know how to make the most diverse ice cream. With any fillers, but most of all I like with a banana filler. For beginners, sweet tooth and ...
Інгредієнти: 4 яйця (3 білка відкласти для глазурі) 3 ст. tsukru 300 gr margarine 5 st. borer 1 tsp slaked soda 1 / 4 tsp. солі 2 ст.л. small specialties: cloves, cinnamon, muscatine mountain, імбир

Піца "Маргарита"

Sunday, October 01 2017 14: 05
This pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, symbolizing the colors of the Italian flag, was first prepared in Naples in 1889 year for the Italian King Umberto I and his wife Margaret of Savoy, the king's party wanted to try so popular with the poor dish.

Кекси "Ніжна спокуса"

Sunday, October 01 2017 14: 05
Ingredients: Boroshno wheat - 200. Pudding (1 bag) - 37. Rozpushuvach - 3 tsp. Цукор-пісок - 150 г. Молоко - 100 г. Яйця курячі (середні) - 3 шт.

Home "Tvіks"

Sunday, October 01 2017 14: 04
Ingredients: For minced sweet pastry flour 150 80 g g butter (well chilled) 50 g sugar or powdered sugar 1-2 pieces. egg yolks

The Siren Boudinochka

Sunday, October 01 2017 14: 03
Інгредієнти: 300 g. Not a fatty sir 16 pcs. Square Xerox 2 tablespoons sour cream 1 / 2 bottles tsukru dribbling salty vanilla soufflé terti on other chocolate cakes niko cocoa

Confectionery factory Vitba rebranded

Thursday, June 01 2017 05: 46
This spring, the confectionery factory Vitba carried out a rebranding: the logo, corporate identity of the company and the motto of the brand changed. On the site of the company, we found new visuals and a description of the goals and reasons for the update. "By rebranding or redesigning its image, the company seeks to strengthen its brand, making it more relevant and meeting global standards, increasing the loyalty of existing ...
You may think that fresh, juicy and definitely useful fruit is an ideal snack, as well as a full breakfast and a light supper for those who want to get rid of extra pounds.
European organizations of fruit and vegetable producers will be able to use simplified rules in their activities from 1 June 2017, they will reduce administrative costs and increase financial support during the crisis, the European Commission said on Wednesday.
Since the first of June this year, the Tula confectionery factory "Yasnaya Polyana", which is part of the Holding "United Confectioners", starts cooperation with the national air carrier "Aeroflot". All passengers of the airline both on domestic lines and on international routes will receive the famous Tula gingerbread as a visiting card of the Tula region as a dessert.
The Ministry of Finance has started drafting a bill on the resolution of sales of alcoholic beverages on the Internet, the notice on the portal for the disclosure of draft laws and regulations states. The expected period of entry into force is 1 July 2018.
Last week on Tverskaya Street in the center of the capital the fifth farm store "Bread and salt" of the Russian farmer Herman Sterligov was opened. The store sells a wide range of goods produced in the personal economy.
The scheme of direct deliveries of fruits and vegetables from Russia in Syria still worked. Adyg-Yurak concluded an annual contract with one of the largest grocery chains - Magnit.
The yield of winter cereals in Latvia this year will be lower than in the past, LETA refers to the forecast of the Latvian Center for Agricultural Consultation and Education. As experts of the center note, the rainy autumn of last year significantly delayed the harvesting and sowing of winter crops, which because of this were more affected by the adverse effects of drought.

"Ukrtsukor" sprohnozyroval production of Sahara

Среда, 31 мая 2017 05: 46
The National Association of Sugar Producers Ukrtsukor forecasts sugar production at 2017 / 2018 MG (MG, September-August) at the level of last year's indicator - about 2 million tons. "The downward price trend in the world market did not allow domestic producers of sugar beet to increase the acreage to the previously projected 350 thousand.

"Coffee House" will test Vietnamese cuisine

Среда, 31 мая 2017 05: 46
"Coffeemania", developing the eponymous premium cafe, decided to work in a democratic segment and launches a chain of restaurants of Vietnamese cuisine "Fo Fa". Average check in new institutions will be 700 rub.
Rosselkhoznadzor (RSHN) with 9 June introduces temporary restrictions on the supply of products from the 31 Brazilian enterprise, the ministry said. "The Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance informs that in accordance with the notification of the competent authority of Brazil, from 9 June 2017, temporary restrictions are imposed on the supply of products of a number of Brazilian enterprises ...

Shuvalov: Italian pasta on 20% "Russian"

Среда, 31 мая 2017 05: 46
The paste used in Italy for 20% consists of Russian wheat, said First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov at the Forum of Small and Medium Enterprises in St. Petersburg. During the speech, RNS reports, the first vice-premier mentioned that he was at the forum of the Russian Export Center, where he told about the export potential of Russian goods abroad.

Metro at a loss from electronics

Среда, 31 мая 2017 05: 46
German retailer Metro on Wednesday reported a loss in the consumer electronics division, citing a large amount of investment ahead of the separation of this business from the food industry.
One of the largest Russian producers of pork and sugar Rusagro is considering buying stressful assets in the meat and sugar businesses, is thinking of expanding in favor of the production of chicken, milk and animal feed.

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