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Ice cream for my granddaughters.

Thursday, February 28 2019 09: 28
I loved ice cream all my life. I thought it made cool experts at the level of God. But only in old age I learned to do it. Understand the principle of cooking through mistakes and damage to raw materials. I now know how to make the most diverse ice cream. With any fillers, but most of all I like with a banana filler. For beginners, sweet tooth and ...
Інгредієнти: 4 яйця (3 білка відкласти для глазурі) 3 ст. tsukru 300 gr margarine 5 st. borer 1 tsp slaked soda 1 / 4 tsp. солі 2 ст.л. small specialties: cloves, cinnamon, muscatine mountain, імбир

Піца "Маргарита"

Sunday, October 01 2017 14: 05
This pizza with tomatoes, mozzarella and basil, symbolizing the colors of the Italian flag, was first prepared in Naples in 1889 year for the Italian King Umberto I and his wife Margaret of Savoy, the king's party wanted to try so popular with the poor dish.

Кекси "Ніжна спокуса"

Sunday, October 01 2017 14: 05
Ingredients: Boroshno wheat - 200. Pudding (1 bag) - 37. Rozpushuvach - 3 tsp. Цукор-пісок - 150 г. Молоко - 100 г. Яйця курячі (середні) - 3 шт.

Home "Tvіks"

Sunday, October 01 2017 14: 04
Ingredients: For minced sweet pastry flour 150 80 g g butter (well chilled) 50 g sugar or powdered sugar 1-2 pieces. egg yolks

The Siren Boudinochka

Sunday, October 01 2017 14: 03
Інгредієнти: 300 g. Not a fatty sir 16 pcs. Square Xerox 2 tablespoons sour cream 1 / 2 bottles tsukru dribbling salty vanilla soufflé terti on other chocolate cakes niko cocoa
IN AIRCRAFT Andrei Sergeyevich said: "Marry me, I LOVE thieves!" "From childhood, I do not dream and plan for the future. Because it is not just convinced: The more you wait for something, the less expectations are met.

Fundamentals of Food Chemistry

Wednesday, March 16 2016 06: 50
The term "confectionery" covers a variety of products by sight. All of them have a sweet taste. For general concepts, to the confectionery products are products of sugar and cocoa, as well as pastries and ice cream. All of them are considered to be food, t. e. substances, which are processed and cooked food to serve ...

Ten ideas for decoration New Year's table

Thursday, January 14 2016 11: 07
In the New Year's feast everything should be fine: dishes, drinks, and tableware. It is the beautiful decoration of the festive table at home that creates a unique feeling of spiritual warmth. Forest Fairy Tale The easiest decor to come up with is the design of the tablecloth of the holiday table.
New blender with an electromagnetic drive from Artisan KitchenAid - this kitchen appliance of the latest generation with unprecedented performance: it will radically change your experience of mixing at home and approach to a healthy lifestyle.
New Year is a time of festive bustle and preparation! Every hostess knows that any help at this time is worth its weight in gold. And how great if the assistant can do everything! KitchenAid Artisan culinary processor is the best kitchen assistant, fully responding to the latest culinary trends and needs and possessing professional performance ...
In total some two weeks separate us from the magic of the holiday. So, it's time to collect a bag of gifts on New Year's Eve for family and friends. We offer a pleasant approach this mission creatively.
Very soon the pleasant New Year chores will immerse us into its vortex. To search for gifts for family and friends did not turn into a crazy marathon in the last days of the year, to reflect on the interesting ideas worth now.

Proper table setting: instructions for use

Thursday, January 14 2016 11: 06
Near the New Year's holidays, and with them - it's time revelry feasts. To triumph remembered for a long time, it is important to consider every last detail, including the right tableware. Clever placement

Candy: We 70 years, and we give gifts!

Thursday, January 14 2016 11: 06
Since 1945 Candy, the company ranks among the absolute leaders of the Italian industry, and its products are concerned about the millions of families, facilitating their daily chores. It has already 70 years since, both in the mechanical workshop of Eden Fumagalli in
Ovens today are capable of much, and some of them are even ready to compete with the best chefs in the world. However, always worth remembering that the true skill of cooking is to cook, not only tasty, but also healthy food.

Tableware from Wilmax

Thursday, January 14 2016 11: 06
Tea Serving Friends, let's see, what determines the serving of tea and a procedure exists for the preparation of the tea table. First of all, you need to decide on the menu, and the next serving dishes, as well as with the number of guests.

Smart technology to guard family health

Thursday, January 14 2016 11: 06
"Household chores for me, something like a hobby. I remember how childhood swirled in the kitchen and in the rest of my mother and grandmother always helped with pleasure. From them and learn all sorts of sly everyday wisdom.
Do you want to have in your house never translated favorite vegetables? Nothing could be easier. Organize on a balcony or windowsill garden in miniature. On what vegetables and herbs can be grown at home - in our article.
Home garden on the windowsill - a great opportunity to pamper the family with fresh herbs all year round. It's nice to cut a sprig of basil with kitchen beds pizza or salad, besides you will know exactly what is in the process of cultivation is not used chemical fertilizers and nitrates.

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