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TOP 7 functional kitchen accessories

British kitchen giant Joseph Joseph demonstrates the novelties every season. We present to your attention the hit parade of creative kitchen accessories Joseph Joseph, among which there are including new items for the upcoming season.

The peculiarity of the Joseph Joseph items is that before the goods reach the store shelves, it must go through a multistage stage in preparation for the sale.

These include multiple checks of quality certificates, design improvements, safety checks and a host of technical nuances. The company has existed for almost ten years and has a qualified staff, photographers, designers, technologists, product developers. The main thing for Joseph Joseph is a combination of creativity and multi-functionality, which we suggest you see for yourself.

1.Set of cutting boards "Index Plus". This is the best seller in the UK! 4 bulletin boards are included in the kit so as not to confuse which product on which board can be trimmed, 4 bullets are marked with a sharp stainless steel blade and titanium coating. All this is stored in a stylish case to save space and ease of storage.

2.Gift set "Elevate Carousel". This is a great way to make a nice and useful gift for those who like to cook and not only. The set includes various kitchen tools, namely: ladle, spaghetti serving dish, slotted spoon, slotted spoon, spoon with spatula. The peculiarity of the Elevate series is that a weighting agent is built into the handle of each tool. Thus, the "dirty" part always remains on the weight and you will never stain the table surface.


3.Foldable double boiler "Lotus". Steaming is very simple - just put the “Lotus” on the pan, and the pan can be completely different sizes - the steamer is easily adjustable. And its unusual and beautiful design allows you to put it on a festive table.

4. Rotating Piller. Thanks to the tripartite blade in this piller, three functions are combined at once - cutting, shredding and cleaning. It is enough to choose a specific mode with the help of a rotating lock in the middle. The sharp blades will finely peel the skin of the potato, chop the carrot and chop the cucumber.

5.Glass chopping boards. Joseph Joseph has a huge variety of design and form chopping boards. The main advantage of the glass board is that it does not absorb odors. And the heat-resistant tempered glass can be used as a hot stand.

6.A set of bowls "Nest". Perhaps the business card Joseph Joseph. Sets are named according to the number of items included in it. For example, "9 Nest" includes measuring cups - 5 pieces from 40 ml to 250, a small bowl with graduated divisions (0,5л), a large bowl with a non-slip bottom (4,5л), a sieve (1,65л), a colander (3л). While the “7 Nest” is the 5 measuring cups, a small bowl and a large bowl. Also available are 3 Nest and 8 Nest.

7. Sliding tray for cutlery. The latest invention of Joseph Joseph organizes all the cutlery in the kitchen. Using a removable part of the tray can be adjusted depending on the size of the box and compactly fit it.

All the above products (and not only) can be purchased in the online store - the exclusive distributor of 11 European brands in Russia including Joseph Joseph.

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