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Sea buckthorn

Seabuckthorn prized for centuries in China and Tibet medicine. On what the healing properties of this berry identified current research, says Dr. Jacob Marshak.

It is well known that the composition of sea buckthorn oil contains a lot of variety of fatty acidsWhich protect the body from excessive inflammation during illness.

Thanks to modern research, the spectrum of use of this remarkable plant in medicine is becoming wider, for example, scientists were able to find out that bioflavonoids in sea buckthorn combined with oils restore endothelium damaged by atherosclerosis - the most important tissue that lines the entire vascular bed from the inside and ensures blood circulation in the body.

The sea buckthorn are also a variety of antioxidantsThat even in large doses are safe for the body, so the berries can be used not only as a drug or nutritional supplement, but also as a food rich in vitamins.

Buckthorn is used in oncology. Tumor cells, in contrast to healthy cells of the body, with the reception of sea buckthorn stop growing and even die: it causes a programmed death of cancer cells of the stomach, intestines and chest. To assess the condition of patients, doctors use one of the important indicators of biochemical blood analysis, the so-called C-reactive protein. When it is overestimated, it indicates that the body is undergoing an inflammatory process. In addition, epidemiologists have found that the higher the concentration of C-reactive protein in the human blood, the higher the risk of developing oncological disease. Regular use of sea buckthorn berries significantly reduces the level of C-reactive protein.

Doctors recommend the use of sea-buckthorn and osteoporotic bone, which develops with age in women: bones lose calcium and become brittle. Regular use of sea-buckthorn not only strengthens bones, but also restores the body's ability to regenerate damaged tissue, which is usually disrupted with age.

Sea Buckthorn antioxidants have protective mechanisms which protect the body from radiation. It turned out that they are able to protect even the process of spermatogenesis - the most vulnerable of all occurring in the human and animal body under the action of radiation. In other words, eating regular food sea buckthorn, we increase your chance of having healthy children despite the radiation risks that exist in today's uncertain world!


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