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We care about the health, together with KitchenAid

New Artisan blender with an electromagnetic drive from KitchenAid - A kitchen appliance of the latest generation with unprecedented performance: it will radically change your experience of mixing at home and approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Preserves Vitamins for Your Body

"Detox" is a mysterious and popular word on everyone's lips today. Add smoothies, carrot and ginger smoothies, leek or broccoli soup to your diet ... This blender is exactly what you need for a healthy diet, a fulfilling lifestyle and increased consumption of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. This much-needed device can whip cocktails, smoothies and sauces, as well as more complex dishes in minutes, thanks to special functions such as chopping and mixing. 

You've long dreamed of perfect blending for your ultra-healthful recipes, and now you never want to lose such a precious ally in creating a healthy diet - your new KitchenAid Artisan Electromagnetic Blender. With its unique electromagnetic drive technology and exclusive Dimond mixing system, this device revolutionizes the preparation of a multitude of dishes for all connoisseurs, connoisseurs and health conscious people - no more pushing ingredients or holding on to the blender while running. Special mixing algorithms make pushers unnecessary - all ingredients are easily processed to perfection. In addition, you can use the blender speed and pulse settings for your own recipes and ingredients.

Perfect technique

With innovative electromagnetic drive technology, KitchenAid sets a new standard for blenders: This blender uses a powerful magnetic field. This advanced technology powers the sharp stainless steel blades and locks the jug in place at the same time. Here's how it works: The magnets in the blender body interact with the magnets in the blender jar that drive the steel knives. The jug is easily inserted into the device, and the magnetic system locks it in the device. Using a lever on the side, the jug can also be easily removed. 

The 1,75L electromagnetically powered blender jar allows you to handle large and small portions. No joint seams, BPA-free, the jug is dishwasher safe. Intelligent Speed ​​Control senses the contents and uses the optimum speed to slice and blend all ingredients to perfection. Even if food is added during mixing, the rotation speed does not change. Stir, chop, blend, mash, crush, whisk or grind - streamlined design, stainless steel blades and a high performance 2,0 horsepower motor make this blender one of the most efficient and powerful on the market.

Special attention when creating the blender has been paid and cover design: ultra-wide measuring cup makes the addition of precise oil servings of milk or a mere trifle. Just add them with stirring, without fear of spilling.

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