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Candy: We 70 years, and we give gifts!

Since 1945, Candy has been among the undisputed leaders in the Italian industry, and its products take care of millions of families, facilitating their daily chores. It has been already 70 years since the mechanical workshop of Eden Fumagalli in

Monza, the first Candy washing machine was born, revolutionizing the household of Italians. Candy. Italian history: from the first Italian washing machine to the world's first Wi-Fi range of household appliances

The company was always owned by the Fumagalli family and found the right way of development in the postwar period, during the boom years, during active social changes, the globalization of the market, the crisis of the new millennium or the technological revolution. She was always sensitive to the everyday needs of consumers and created her products with specific innovations aimed at improving the quality of life in the home.

Candy has always turned its expertise into an invaluable legacy to help us cope with profound changes in the marketplace. The concept "Made in Italy" creates the identity of the company and makes it unique and easily recognizable among today's players in the world of household appliances. The company, headed by representatives of the third generation of the Fumagalli family, does not stop for a second in its development, preparing to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

To date, Candy is one of the leading European brands of home appliances in terms of innovation, technological and functional solutions, offering a full range of stand-alone and built-in large-sized home appliances.

The history of Candy is marked by several records in the market of household appliances, which significantly changed and improved the quality of life of consumers. Since 1945, the company manufactures built-in and detached washing machines, combined washing-drying machines, drying machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, cookers, hobs with the highest performance and efficiency.

And today the Candy technique, in order to always stay in touch with the consumer and keep up with the development of communication technologies in the modern world, has learned to speak the language of Wi-Fi technology: the latest Candy has become a full line of simply-Fi technology with built-in Wi-Fi Which can be controlled using a special application from anywhere in the world.

Beginning: 1940 and 1950

The beginning of the history of the company was laid on the day when Eden Fumagalli, the owner of the official workshop of Officine Meccaniche in Monza, together with his three sons Nizo, Enzo and Peppino presented at the Milan fair "Model 50", the first Italian washing machine. It was in 1946 year. From the revolutionary idea, intuitively prompted by Enzo, it took only a year to realize it. Enzo saw a washing machine in the US, where he was among the prisoners of war during the Second World War, made several sketches of the car and sent them home. His brothers Nizo and Peppino understood the real opportunities that will open up to them if they manage to bring to the market a product that will forever change the lives of millions of women and the fate of their families.

So, thanks to intuition, the process of transformation began, as a result of which, under the accompaniment of the famous song of Nat King Cole "Sugar Candy", the Candy brand rose, which became one of the creators of the European industrial miracle in Italy, which still had to be accomplished.

Under the leadership of the Fumagalli brothers, the automation of washing machines proceeded at a rapid pace, and in the late 1950s the Automatic was launched, a fully automatic washing machine designed and manufactured in Italy. Then the production was still handicraft in nature, and its volume did not exceed several hundred units. Let's not forget that this happened in the difficult years leading up to the economic boom, and few families could afford such an innovative product that was destined to end millennia of grueling domestic labor.

  Transformation that changed the life of Italian families: 1960's

In the 1960-ies, a revolutionary coup in the household washing machine was fixed by a new record - the release of Candy Automatic 3, the first washing machine with a balanced suspension, providing a rotation speed of 420 rpm, while the machine did not move around the room and it was not It was necessary to fasten to the floor. This was the first model that embodied the concept of a modern washing machine - work in automatic mode, the presence of a suspension and a glass door in the front. It has become and remains the European standard. As a result of several studies of the device of Italian houses, new concepts have been developed, such as the effective use of the internal space and the saving of electricity. The time has come for models Aquamatic, compact washing machines for 3 kg, and Superautomatic 5, the first washing machine with a partial load function to save electricity in the household.

In September 1961, the company opened a new headquarters in Brugerio (province of Monza and Brianza), where it is located to this day, playing a significant city-forming role. R&D laboratories, a factory and a spare parts warehouse have sprung up near the new headquarters. In 1966, in addition to the production of washing machines, the company began production of the Stipomatic, the first automatic dishwasher with special compartments for pots and dishes.

Access to world markets. Development, the beginning of a series of acquisitions and diversification: 1970's

The development strategy aimed at diversifying and expanding the range was quickly implemented both with respect to embedded as well as stand-alone equipment, including through several acquisitions in Europe, starting from the 1971 year, when Kelvinator was acquired in Italy and England, and Then La Sovrana of Sorbolo (Parma), a well-known brand in the segment of kitchen appliances, opened a new market for Candy. As the company grew, products diversified and the functional properties of dishwashers improved - records followed one after another. In 1970-ies was created Brav, the first modular automatic dishwasher with two compartments with a capacity of up to eight sets of dishes and the possibility of reducing the load due to the presence of an energy-saving device.

The washing machines have new intelligent options: Candy Tempo and Variant were the first models with the function of heating water to different temperatures depending on the type of fabric and the possibility of establishing additional washing time in case of heavily soiled laundry from 1 to 30 minutes. A new record of speed and power savings was made in 1978, with the invention of the ZOOM system, which significantly reduced the washing time while maintaining all the necessary phases. The system provided an ideal result with a significant reduction in energy consumption during washing. 

1980-ies: the device changes at home

1980-years were marked by diversification of production at the company's plants in different countries of the world and the continuation of the series of acquisitions. During this period, Zerowatt, a manufacturer of washing machines and dryers, Gasfire, a well-known brand in the kitchen appliances segment, especially built-in, and Rosières, the famous French brand in the segment of kitchen and built-in appliances, founded in 1860, was acquired. Houses become smaller in size and require a new approach to development. To equip the kitchen, a TRIO model is created, combining in one device a dishwasher, an oven and a hob. In the kitchens appears Candy Cuocirapido, the first microwave oven created in Italy. Realizing the needs of the hostess in the kitchen, Candy creates the world's first plate with five burners at a standard size of 60 cm, one more than in the plates of other manufacturers. For washing machines, the Inox formula is developed: Candy washing machines are the first in the world to be equipped with a stainless steel drum. Then there are models Salvaspazio, narrower washing machines, which save space. Model Candy depth 33 cm becomes the world's first washing machine, corresponding to the standard dimensions of furniture for bathrooms.

Candy enters the home appliance market with Hoover's acquisition: 1990's  

At the beginning of this decade, Nizo Fumagalli, the technical genius of the company, passed away, but the desire for innovation and the creation of useful technologies in the field of small household appliances by that time was already steadily formed among the employees under his supervision. 1990-ies were characterized by the diversification of brands and markets, which the Fumagalli family began to focus on. The group was joined by Mayc-Otsein (Spain), the leader in the manufacture of vertical washing machines, and Iberna, a specialized Italian company for the production of refrigeration equipment. In 1995, the Hoover brand was acquired with the right to use it in Europe and the Mediterranean. Hoover is one of the European leaders in the production of flooring technology thanks to its well-known traditional and vertical vacuum cleaners. The range of products is gradually expanding due to large-scale equipment under the Hoover brand, high-tech products with bold design and positioning in premium segments of the market. Meanwhile, in Brugherio, the company is actively working to create innovations and launches the Softwasher, the first model equipped with an ultraviolet lamp for sterilization and washing at low temperatures. In 1998, Peppino Fumagalli received the high title of Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire from the hands of Queen Elizabeth herself aboard the Britannia yacht. This award was one of the most exciting moments that Peppino liked to tell his family about.

Candy Group - global brand: 2000's

In the new millennium, the new logo of Candy Group unites household appliances of leading brands on the world market. The company, following its expansion strategy, acquires the Russian company Vesta, and then Jinling, the third-largest brand of washing machines in China. Candy Group opens an office in Shanghai. The globalization of the company's business does not end there: companies are being purchased in Turkey and Finland and new branches are opening in Dubai, whose task is monitoring and managing the development of the market in the countries of the Persian Gulf. Peppino Fumagalli passes the baton to his sons Aldo and Beppe, who will alternately lead the management and development of the business unit "Technique for washing", which continues to be the heart of the company.

Candy today: a company looking to the future

Candy Group is an average private company (owned by the Fumagalli family) with a strong presence in the world market, always ready to meet new challenges of the time. Based on its long history of success and experience, and with its deep knowledge of the industry, Candy continues to follow the path of developing products that combine innovation and usability to meet the needs of consumers and improve their quality of life. Taking into account the wishes of the users and striving to keep pace with the new communication technologies in the modern world, Candy presents simply-Fi, the first full range of home appliances based on Wi-Fi technology, which can be easily managed even from a distance. 9 March 2015 year passed away Peppino Fumagalli. The company is infinitely grateful to him for the passion and innovative spirit with which he led the company, for his vision and implementation of the strategy of expansion and internationalization of business in Europe and beyond.

Jubilee with Candy: gifts for congratulations!

Friends, 2015 has become an anniversary year for Candy! For 70 years now, Candy has been making your life easier and more enjoyable by taking care of all the household chores. The company wants to celebrate this anniversary together with its loyal customers and customers. Write congratulations for Candy in the comments, and three authors of the most interesting and original congratulations will become owners of a wonderful gift: the Athen cordless vacuum cleaner!

Athen is the only cordless bagless vacuum cleaner with up to 30V output voltage. It provides maximum cleaning efficiency.

Greetings should be written in the comments to this material! Congratulations to Candy on the anniversary and wish the participants luck and inspiration!

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