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Candy - the dream of a bachelor

Refrigerator single man replaces his wife - it is known to all, so the aptitude of this unit should be on top. Moreover, as his wife after years of marriage is difficult to change the refrigerator, attached to him or something.

  So it was, at least for me.

Until one day my beloved Zil refused to work, and you can understand her, because twenty years of intensive exploitation have left a deep mark on a difficult biography. However, the breakdown of the refrigerator brought me even more losses than I expected - dumplings, dumplings, cutlets and fish sticks had to be thrown away, as they had rotted during my weekend at the dacha. As a result, the problem of finding a new refrigerator has become more acute for me. I had to do marketing research of the market, since the Internet works around the clock.

Naturally, I wanted something not very prohibitive in price, but at the same time reliable and functional. After a long search, I settled on an embedded Candy CKBC 3380 E.  

The huge stylish refrigerator hooked me immediately and not only with commendable technical characteristics. After all, I am a typical humanist and I have a craving for aesthetics.

I was not scared and that defrosting in Candy Manual - First, I got used to it over the years of active exploitation of domestic refrigerators, and secondly, well saved. Air Control - Dynamic cooling that stabilizes the temperature in the refrigerator and even LED lighting and BioSafe area.

By the way, the technique is a "little thing" in terms of electricity, unlike the gluttonous Zil, and the shelves for fruits can withstand 40 kg, you can keep watermelons there. Greens with vegetables, meat, fish and other "freshness" are stored 2-3 times longer than in conventional refrigerators, and this is also important, since I do not like frequent grocery shopping. Yes, and I work from home, I do literary translations, I can sometimes stay outside for a week if there is a lot of work. 


More like the fact that in the absence of power supply unit, the previous temperature within 16 hours, and in our area is constantly accident and emergency - indeed, because of them Zil and went into a coma. FROM Candy this will not happen, because they are adjusted for any eventuality, which is rich in the Russian reality.

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