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"Learning is never too late. Repeatedly urged this on their own experience. The last time - not so long ago, when the school was visiting friends in Europe. Sitting idly is not for me, so I gladly took over the cooking.

And at the same time she began to master the Mediterranean cuisine.   

It was a little embarrassing that the kitchen had an induction hob. On such earlier to prepare it was not necessary. But I got used to the stove very quickly. I liked it so much that I wanted the same for myself. Only I mentioned this, a friend immediately dragged me to the hardware store. Like, there is a cool thing that just waits for me. And led me to the induction hob Candy ADAPTIVA SimplyFi with built-in Wi-Fi. At first I began to doubt why he told me. But the girl-friend has always been a master of persuasion. And now, when this creation of modern thought is at my disposal, I was convinced that I was not in vain to listen to it.

I have no special helpers in the household. The husband and two young sons are clearly not one of them. Therefore, we have to do everything ourselves, energetically and without long lyrical digressions. The Candy panel helps me a lot. You can leave it to cook soup or stew meat and with a calm soul to do other things. You can even leave the house. The connection with the stove is supported through a special application on the phone. If something goes wrong, for example, the light is turned off or the water boils, a special alert will immediately come. And if some technical problem occurs, then the system will also give valuable guidance on how to correct it correctly. In general, through the application you completely control the preparation process, so that any incidents are excluded.

Those who are afraid that the kids will burn on the panel or the pets they want a warm place to inhabit, just calm down. That, by definition, can not be. The panel is designed so that it heats the contents of the pot or pan. But the temperature of the plate, as well as tableware, virtually unchanged. And as soon as you take off the pot, the panel immediately stop working. So inadvertently not work include anything.

Depending on the scale of cooking, you can use either one large heating zone, or two smaller. Convenient in both cases. Another plus - time for everything about everything goes much less. A simple example: to heat a liter of water, Candy takes only 3 minutes. While on an ordinary plate it will boil 5-7 minutes, no less. Accordingly, any other dishes are prepared much faster. Heating is directed, and heat is not wasted. As a result, a good saving goes. By the way, the smart panel also calculates the cost of electricity leads. If you want, will make special reports every week. In addition to everything, washing the stove is very easy. Walked with a sponge with a cleanser - and it sparkles like new. Yes, and looks Candy very impressive, stylish, modern. All the friends were already envious.

In general, induction hob Candy - priceless acquisition. He is himself one hundred percent. Now I do not even know how to get along without it before. So prepare now with the greatest pleasure. "

Special project Candy and "Let's Eat at Home!"

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