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A perfect match: choose glasses for drinks

Can I make the usual for us drinks even better? You can, if you choose to have a harmonious vessel. To master the art of simple recommendations will help and photo. What glasses for any drink intended? We investigated together.

Joy without degrees

"Bokalny" etiquette relates primarily to the wine and drinks stronger. But the glasses for soft drinks is also noteworthy. Fresh juices, fruit drinks, mineral water and alcoholic tropical cocktails usually served in a tall glass, or, in the language of pro tumbler "Kolliniz". Surely it is, and in your kitchen. This is a tall, narrow glass with straight walls 350 ml volume. His next of kin "Hayboll" - a little wider, lower and more modest in volume. Designed for a glass of water, plain or with gases, as well as sweet drinks, alcohol and without.

Foam gatherings

Glasses for beer have a large long handle and thick walls, which are so nice to clink in a fun friendly company

Modern glasses for beer pleasing diversity. Even the old good mug has silhouettes. One remains unchanged - a long long handle and thick walls, which are so pleasant to clink glasses in a cheerful friendly company. Glasses of fine glass wedge shaped with a narrow base and an extended top are designed for light beer. As well as elegant wine glasses with a short leg, a bit like glasses for champagne. Elegant chalices, or cups, with figured legs, silvery or golden fringing - the lot of natural aesthetes. Splashing in them is worthy of only elite beer.

Mood Palette

“Margarita” is poured into a glass on a thin leg with a narrow base, a smooth bend in the middle and a wide top edge

Alcoholic cocktails are a kaleidoscope of flavors and moods. Therefore, there are so many wine glasses for cocktails. "Margarita" is poured into a glass on a thin leg with a narrow base, a smooth bend in the middle and a wide upper edge. A tulip shaped glass on a miniature leg and with a thick short handle is created for mulled wine, grog and coffee cocktails. A classic martini glass, the photo of which is familiar to everyone, is easy to recognize by the funnel that opens from the thin leg to the top. It is noteworthy that vermouth, an analog of martini, can not be poured into such a vessel under any pretext. Other glasses for cocktails - in the photo in our article.

Red and White 

A correctly selected wine glass reveals its bouquet in full

Noble wines are famous for a rich bouquet and multi-faceted taste. A well-chosen wine glass reveals them to the full. A versatile option for red sweet wines is a bordeaux glass with a capacity of 600 ml with an elongated bowl, which tapers slightly at the rim. No less popular is a glass of burgundy with a volume of 700 ml. It is distinguished by a spherical shape and narrowing at the top. In this vessel, dry red wines feel better. For white and rosé wines, glasses like Bordeaux with a capacity of 350 ml are suitable. Remember, a wine glass is held by the leg, helping the other’s index and thumb fingers if it is too heavy. To study the details and make a choice will help photos of glasses for wine.  

Sparks in a glass

A tall, slightly tapered up glass of flute retains sparkling notes for longer

Sparkling wines are a separate story. The most popular are two types of glasses for drinks of this type. The first you probably saw in the cinema, where from the wide glasses with champagne (or, as their bartenders call it, "kremanok") build a pyramid on secular parties. If you believe the legend, their form repeats the contours of the breast of Marie Antoinette, a great admirer of champagne. And yet more often effervescent wine is filled with a glass of flute. High, slightly narrower up, it lasts longer sparkling notes. The ideal glass for champagne, according to experts, is a tulip-shaped wineglass, in which it is easy to feel the most fragile notes of a bouquet.

Strong nobility

Thanks to this form, the glass gently rests in the palm of your hand, and its warmth helps to open the bouquet better

The standard of glasses for cognac - convex wine glasses-tulips with a short elegant leg. Thanks to this form, the glass gently lies in the palm of your hand, and its heat helps to reveal the bouquet better. Fill the cognac glasses a quarter and slightly rotate in a circle so that the whole fragrance "gathers" at the neck. For young drinks choose glasses wider, for mature - narrow. In the first case, the aroma does not so sharply beats in the nose, in the second - it opens in all its glory. Cognac can be served in glasses with a capacity of 25-30 ml, only necessarily made of crystal. For grades with solid exposure, glasses with the talking name "balloon" with a volume of 800 ml are intended. To consolidate the theory will help to make photo glasses for cognac.

With feeling sensibly

Simple recommendations for choosing glasses for different drinks are sure to come in handy for you at the next gala dinner

The most common vessel for whiskey - a stack, it is also a glass or shot, the volume of 50 – 60 ml. Its contents are drunk in one fell swoop, so it’s impossible to appreciate the bouquet. For unhurried tasting of expensive whiskeys, a tulip-shaped glass with a capacity of 100 – 140 ml will be suitable. The classic version is a tumbler with a capacity of 200 ml with a thickened bottom and straight walls. That they can often be seen in bars, where they are filled with simple single malt whiskey in its purest form. If there is a desire to add ice to the drink, take a glass of Roks with a volume of 250 ml. Compare and choose what you prefer, with the help of photo glasses for whiskey.  

Simple recommendations on the choice of glasses for different drinks will definitely come in handy at your next gala dinner. Surprise loved ones and guests with new knowledge and create a real holiday for them. 

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