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Perfect Tan: protection from the sun with their hands

Blissfully bask in the sun like we all. After all, a healthy tan - the best summer decoration. A sure way to get it - observe basic safety rules and take care of protection from the sun with their hands.

How not to "burn out" on vacation

It doesn't matter whether you go to the beach, to the office or for a walk with the whole family - in the summer, the skin needs protection all the time. We are talking, of course, about sunscreens. For normal days, light creams with an SPF 15–20 filter are suitable. If you are on vacation in mind and body, stock up on creams with an SPF 30-40 filter, ideally waterproof. Otherwise, stick to a simple principle: the lighter the skin, the more powerful protection it needs. This also applies to the owners of a generous scattering of moles, freckles and age spots. You can get a complete set of protective equipment at any cosmetic store. And also - use the homemade sunscreen recipes, which will be discussed below.

In order not to shock the skin abrupt climate change and reduce the risk of sunburn, you can visit the solarium before you leave. Once on the beach, do not lose your head and especially closely watch the children. For a trial session of sunbathing, limit yourself to 15 – 20 for minutes, then immediately move into the shade. Calculate the correct time for sunbathing: from early morning to 11 hours and from 16 hours to sunset. Remember, the first to burn the face, shoulders, arms and back. So, having splashed into the sea, put on wide-brimmed hats and pareos. And do not let the overcast weather mislead you. In the summer you can get burnt without the scorching heat. And do not forget to drink plain water as often as possible. Its deficiency quickly affects the skin and is especially destructive if you overheat in the sun.

Preparing for release

Meanwhile, self-made sunscreens are much more affordable.

Widely advertised sunscreens are amazing. But to guess how this or that ingredient will affect the skin is impossible. In addition, the price of such cosmetics is often overpriced due to the brand and exclusive, but absolutely useless aromatic additives. Meanwhile, self-made sunscreens are much more affordable. Yes, and in efficiency, they are not inferior. 

You can start with nourishing mask, which will protect the skin from chapping, and scorching. We offer a simple recipe for normal to dry skin. Beat the raw egg yolk with 1 hours. L. olive oil and 1 h. l. lemon juice. Apply the mask to cleansed skin, leave to dry and wash off with warm water. Doing it is recommended that half an hour before sun exposure.

If you have combination or oily skin type, will help infusion of cucumber seeds. Fill them with vodka at a ratio of 1: 10, 2 stand a week in a cool dry place, and diluted with water in the same ratio. Rubbing lotion on the morning and evening, and before you go outside. It will protect your skin from the sun lighten freckles and age spots.

Very useful are the various oil mask. Avocado oil, sesame seeds and raspberries reflect the sun's rays. Shea, jojoba and coconut oil protects the skin at the cellular level and give a smooth beautiful tan. Oil almond and hazelnut protects the deeper layers of the epidermis from aging. Simply apply a suitable oil on the skin until completely absorbed, remove the remnants of a damp cotton pad.

We master cosmetic cooking

Before using self-made face sunscreens, try them on a separate area of ​​the skin and make sure that they do not cause allergies

There is a universal recipe for sunblock at home. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and problematic. Pour a cup of olive oil into an enamel pot and heat over low heat. Gently put 30 g of beeswax, broken into pieces, into it. Stir the wax continuously so that it melts evenly and mixes with the oil. Then add 1–2 tbsp to the heated mixture. l. zinc dioxide. This powder can be purchased over the counter. Although it is non-toxic, it is best to wear a face shield and gloves to prevent small particles from accidentally entering the eyes or respiratory tract. Without stopping stirring the oil, gradually add the powder - it is important not to let it settle to the bottom. When the consistency becomes homogeneous and the cream has cooled down, you can pour it into a glass or ceramic jar with a tight lid.

If you only trust natural ingredients, make a cream with aromatic oils. We take 10 g of coconut oil, 25 g of cocoa butter, 60 g of shea butter and 5 g of beeswax - all in solid form. We melt the ingredients in an enamel bowl in a water bath. Cool the mixture to 40 ° C and, stirring gently, add 15–20 drops of carrot essential oil. The cream should also be stored in a glass jar with a lid, even in the refrigerator. And although it hardens there, at 35–37 ° C it quickly becomes liquid. Keep in mind that such creams are stored for only 2-3 months, so stick a label with the date of preparation on the jar.

Before using self-made sunscreens, try them on a separate area of ​​skin and make sure that they do not cause allergies. Affectionate sun and a pleasant stay for you and your loved ones!  

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