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Beat on Fats: the best fat burning foods

There are delicious food and lose weight - the dream of almost all women. And it is completely enforceable. After all, fat burning foods contribute to this as well as possible.

Cabbage abundance

Which foods help burn fat? Any nutritionist will tell you that first of all it is vegetables, fiber-rich.

The undisputed leader among them is cabbage, and of all known varieties. The body spends much more calories for processing cabbage than it contains. And this already allows you to use the existing fat reserves. But fiber also stimulates the digestive system and removes toxins from the body. Cleansing, the body is easier to part with extra pounds. Putting on the bran

Bran contains insoluble fiber, and therefore is digested extremely slowly

Bran - one of the best fat burning foods for women. They also contain insoluble fiber, and therefore digested very slowly, cycling large amounts of energy. Bran cause the intestines to work intensively and at the same time activate metabolic processes. As a result, the body is forced to spend stockpiled fats. This is an ideal product for fat burning slimming. After all, getting into the stomach, bran swell and permanently suppress hunger. And they maintain normal blood sugar and cholesterol.

Male approach

White meat contains the amino acid carnitine, which enhances the work of mitochondria and accelerates the destruction of fat cells

Men are much easier to lose weight than women - it is a scientific fact. Muscle mass have more, and present them in large quantities mitochondria actively burn fat. If the man you want to lose weight, it is sufficient to replace red meat with white, adding to the diet, such as chicken or turkey. These fat burning foods contain the amino acid carnitine, which enhances the work of the mitochondria and accelerates the destruction of fat cells. However, the ladies white meat, too, will benefit.

Milk tenderness

The presence of calcium in the diet reduces the total energy value of the food eaten

What foods burn fat quickly without damage to health? This dairy products, especially low-fat cottage cheese, natural yogurt and kefir. Regular consumption of these products increases the level of calcitriol in the body, making it rapidly burns fat cells and in no hurry to set aside new reserves. It is also noted that the presence of calcium in their diet to reduce the overall energy value of food eaten.

Spicy flame

Spices unanimously recognized nutritionist foods that help burn fat. And here it is far ahead of his fellow ginger. To gain energy, our body first breaks down complex carbohydrates and only then taken for fats. Ginger makes it immediately switch to fat stores. In addition, it improves digestion and metabolism, a diuretic effect and suppresses appetite. That's why Ginger is considered one of the best fat burning slimming products.

Sweet bitterness

Grapefruit lowers blood sugar, so the need for another portion of harmful carbohydrates disappears

Among the fruits there are also many foods that burn fat in the body. The head of the honorary list of grapefruit. It contains a special substance naringin, which gives the characteristic bitterness of citrus. Thanks to him, activates metabolic processes, and there is intense burning fat reserves. A new incoming fats are split evenly. Besides, grapefruit lowers blood sugar levels, so the need for the next portion of harmful carbohydrates disappears.

Tropic energy

Rigid fibrous structure of pineapple pulp contributes to fast and long saturation

Pineapple - another famous product, fast burning fats. Contained therein bromelain is found in many dietary supplements and medications for weight loss. This substance is strongly complex cleaves fats, preventing their deposition in the cells. Tough fibrous structure pineapple pulp promotes rapid saturation and long, and improves intestinal peristalsis. However, this applies only to fresh pineapple. Canned fruits have the opposite effect.

Fruit without flaw

The high content of potassium in this fruit allows you to remove excess fluid from the body

One of the most fat burning foods nutritionists call avocados. Its shock component - L-carnitine, which mercilessly destroys both existing fats and newly arrived. The high content of potassium in this fruit allows you to remove excess fluid from the body and remove the hated fat from the waist. And even the fact that avocado is considered the most high-calorie fruit, does not detract from its merits. Fats in its composition are exclusively monounsaturated and will not harm the figure. 

Olive harmony

Olive oil regulates lipid metabolism in the body

The inhabitants of the Mediterranean has its own answer to the question, what foods burn fat well. In their version, and it's olives created on the basis of their oil. The combination of useful substances contained in these fruits, beneficial effects on the pancreas, stimulates the removal from the body toxins, improves intestinal function. Under these conditions, the body needs more energy, and it begins to destroy accumulated fat reserves. A self olive oil regulates lipid metabolism.

Prepare these fat burning foods in the home was not difficult - all of them are readily available. Include them in the diet, but do not forget that it must be balanced.

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