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Hello, summer without a cigarette!

Summer - a good excuse to do thorough health and tune in a positive change. For example, to part with their favorite cigarettes. In addition to the compelling motivation, iron willpower is useful in this case a special diet.

When the last empty pack of cigarettes, and a promise to quit smoking comes into force, hunger tightly clasps her fingers at her throat. Rejection of the next portion of the nicotine pleasure brain tries to compensate for the pleasures of gastronomy. The resulting stress while also constantly urges to eat.

So that overeating does not become the primary problem, it is better to refuse fatty foods in favor of low-calorie foods. The first thing you need to provide the body with useful substances that it so desperately needs. Since nicotine actively interferes with the absorption of vitamin C, they should be charged first. Not only citrus fruits in a pure form, but also various freshly squeezed juices are useful. A mix of finely chopped lemon with honey does wonders. This mixture is taken in a teaspoon before breakfast or dissolved in warm tea no hotter than 60 degrees (in boiling water the healing enzymes of honey are destroyed).  

Faithful ally quit smoking - fiber, cleaning the intestines and the liver from nicotine deposited there. Most of it is contained in oatmeal, prunes, celery, cucumbers and other watery vegetables. Be sure to include zucchini, containing much desired nicotinic acid in the daily menu.

Oxalic acid helps to fight the craving to drag on a cigarette once or twice. Therefore, light salads of sorrel, spinach and lots of greens are extremely beneficial, especially in the early days without smoking. Apples will also distract from harmful thoughts, and at the same time will heal the body. They contain a large amount of iron, which is necessary for anemia and general weakness - frequent ailments of heavy smokers. By the way, malic acid activates metabolism and helps not to gain extra pounds. Therefore, nutritionists advise drinking a glass of boiled water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach.


Chemistry habits

Scientists have conducted a series of experiments and proved that certain foods worsen the taste of cigarette smoke, making smoking is not a very enjoyable experience. So every time a hand reaches for a cigarette, you need to put into it the right product: cucumber, boiled beans, asparagus, celery and bell pepper. Particular attention should be paid to the broccoli, which contains sulforapin, helps protect the lungs from the harmful effects of toxins.

Ginger - another miracle product that is as a hand removes the compulsion to smoke. It is enough to put into the language of a small piece of ginger and it will evaporate by itself. In addition, with the help of the mouth clear of harmful bacteria, and breathing becomes fresh. You can make a useful cocktail with ginger, which gently removes nicotine and breaking calm agitated nerves. To do this in a glass of warm water and add a small amount of grated ginger, lemon juice and honey.

If possible, you should drink more sour-milk drinks, there is skim cottage cheese or natural yoghurts. This will help to overcome the dysbacteriosis, which is familiar to many smokers with experience. In addition, the sour-milk diet will quickly restore the intestinal microflora and regulate digestive processes.

The fight against smoking and its fatal consequences contributes to, oddly enough, alcohol. True, we are talking exclusively about red wine only in moderation. Research scientists from Southern California confirmed that resveratrol and flavonoids contained in this drink, significantly reduce the likelihood of lung cancer. The main thing is not to get involved in such treatments: one glass a day would be sufficient.


Products non grata

Do not be amiss to make a list of foods that you should say goodbye, or at least reduce their intake. Primarily, this coffee and any products containing caffeine. This substance stimulates the desire to smoke and improves the taste of cigarette smoke. Burning hot sauces and seasonings irritating the taste buds, which in turn repeatedly reinforce cravings. So too it is better to forget about the spices.

Quite often quitters strive to seize stress with chocolate, cakes pechenyushkami and other sweets. Of course, the hormone of happiness serotonin is a wonderful therapy for mental torment and depressed mood. But this magic agent is accompanied by side effects in the form of excess weight and, as a result, additional nervous disorders. If it really pulls on sweets, then preference should be given to dried fruits, fresh fruits or juicy vegetables. In extreme cases, you can chew nuts or seeds. At the same time, it is not worth taking them lightly, since the stock of calories in them is impressive.

In an effort to overcome the hateful habit, many resort to the usual or nicotine gum, really bringing some relief. It is important not to forget that the sweeteners are added to all the gum, have a strong laxative effect and can cause stomach upset. Strong alcohol in combination with cigarettes - the worst menu option, which ultimately reduces all efforts to tie with smoking in the no. Alcohol dulls the sense of vigilance, and the thought of one or two puffs longer seems taboo.

Remember, quitting smoking should be consistent and planned. This process requires global changes in the whole way of life. Patience, willpower and good luck in this difficult task! 

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