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Hypotension, that is, low blood pressure, today is not uncommon. However, most owners of this disease do not give due importance to it. Meanwhile, the non-observance of the correct menu for hypotensive and other important principles is fraught with dangerous consequences.

Diagnosis: hypotension

Hypotension can be caused by different reasons:.. A bad heredity, disorders of the endocrine system, dangerous working conditions, nervous overexertion, etc. reduced vascular tone observed In this disease, which causes a low pressure for a long period. For women, an alarming sign is the pressure below 100 / 60 mm Hg. Art, for men - 110 / 70 mm Hg. Art.

The danger is that the symptoms of hypotension are sometimes experienced by each of us, so it is difficult to recognize it. Weakness and fatigue, frequent headaches and dizziness, irritability and depressed mood - all this may indicate the presence of low pressure. In addition, hypotension reacts sensitively to weather changes by a sharp deterioration in well-being. In any case, only a doctor can correctly diagnose, prescribe treatment and advise which products to use for hypotension.

An additional complication is that the special drugs to increase the pressure practically no. Therefore, the emphasis is on medical diet and a healthy lifestyle. Its key elements are a sound sleep, complete rest and emotional tranquility, combined with moderate exercise.

Mandatory program

Hypotension is often accompanied by anemia, it is necessary to constantly increase the level of hemoglobin. Buckwheat, spinach, pomegranate and nuts will help to do this.

The menu for hypotonic people for the week should include vegetables and fruits rich in beta-carotene and ascorbic acid. These are, first of all, carrots, sorrel, bananas, oranges, lemons and pineapples. Foods high in starch should be added to the diet: potatoes, semolina and white flour baked goods. By-products, such as kidneys, liver and brains, tone up vessels well. And since hypotension is often accompanied by anemia, hemoglobin levels need to be constantly increased. Buckwheat, spinach, pomegranate and nuts will help to do this.

The best ally hypotonic is salt, because the sodium in it retains moisture in the body and thereby increases the pressure. Therefore, two to three times a week you can eat pickled vegetables, herring and cheeses. The latter contain the optimal ratio of fats and salts. The simplest and most useful recipe for a hypotonic dish is a slice of bread with butter and cheese for breakfast. In food you can eat fatty meats and fish, smoked foods and canned food. However, excessive enthusiasm for all of the above listed products can cause serious damage to the body as a whole. So do not forget - everything is good in moderation.

All sorts of spices can also be used for healing. Horseradish, mustard, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and other spices constrict blood vessels and increase pressure. Another good news for hypotensive: chocolate, sweets, cakes with butter creams and other sweets have a beneficial effect on low pressure. Here you can add coffee with sugar, cocoa and other drinks with caffeine. With a sharp drop in pressure, this “sweet” arsenal will quickly help bring it back to normal. However, doctors strongly discourage the use of these products.   

Folk wisdom

All kinds of spices can also be used for healing. Horseradish, mustard, black pepper, ginger, cinnamon and other spices constrict blood vessels and increase pressure

Along with this, products that reduce pressure should be excluded from the diet. This list includes broccoli, peaches, apricots, plums, apples, grapes and cranberries. From green tea with honey, too, will have to be abandoned. 

Some experts advise using prescriptions for traditional medicine as a supplement to the hypotonic diet. The most effective remedy is ginseng root. To prepare a therapeutic infusion, grind 100 of the root of a plant, pour 500 ml of vodka into it and infuse 10 days in a dark place. The resulting drug drink on 1 tsp. fasting 30 minutes before meals. It will help to normalize the pressure decoction of the immortelle. Fill a glass of boiling water 10 g dry flowers and insist half an hour. The broth should be taken on 30 drops before meals twice a day. Broths from birch leaves, oregano, nettle, St. John's wort and thistle are prepared in a similar way.   

Gipotonik with experience say about the benefits of wheat germ, which can be easily prepared at home. To do this, 100 g wheat grains washed several times in running water, spread in a bowl layers and fill with water so that it completely covers them. Harboring a bowl with gauze, leave at room temperature and wait for a couple of days, when the seedlings reach 2-3 mm in length. Then wash the wheat again under water, grind in a coffee grinder, add half a cup of water and filter. Get some sort of wheat, milk, which normalizes blood pressure quickly.

All of these recommendations can be used for the treatment and prevention of hypotension. However, the diet itself can only alleviate the symptoms of the disease, whereas only a doctor can prescribe effective treatment.   

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