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The term "vegetarian" can be translated from Latin as vegetalis - «plant" or vegetus - "fresh, hearty." Is it useful to fully or partially abandon the consumption of animal products, says Dr. Boris Akimov.

Initially based on the principles of vegetarianism more ethical than Diet - compassion towards animals, a reluctance to adopt a passive part in their murder, that is, the principle of "I did not eat." Absolute vegetarians (or "strict", "clean") not only do not eat any animal products, but do not use what people receive from animals, including fur, leather, wool, and even silk.

Traditions of Christian posts, like modern vegetarianism, came to us from India. In India, lacto-vegetarianism is adhered - the combination of plant foods with dairy products is part of a centuries-old culture and reflects the Hindu religious and philosophical views.

How vegetarian is healthier than normal food? And is it more useful? On the dangers of animal health products (including mental) says Ayurveda - the Hindu science of longevity. Ayurveda divides all products into three categories: sattva (net), rajas (excitatory) and Tamas (stultify). For clean, good for health (sattwic) products include milk and dairy products, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, herbs and spices, and a heavy - meat, fish, eggs, leading to the "tamasic" state (laziness, weakness, dullness, aging).

Limit meats in the diet of modern medicine is recommended for almost all diseases, In addition to the age requirement of an organism in meat and milk is reduced - reduced production of enzymes involved in their cleavage. Vegetarians less likely to suffer from obesity, cardiovascular diseases and cancer and therefore live longer, it is true, in part also because do not abuse alcohol and monitor health.

Is it possible to do without meat, poultry, and fish? Can! A properly composed menu of plant and dairy foods contains all the nutrients our body needs - nutrients. Indian women are far from being thin, and Indian athletes do not consume meat. Sumo wrestlers - Japanese heavyweights - also follow a vegetarian diet.

The beneficial effect of vegetarian diet on the organism tested by the author on personal experience: For five years I did not eat meat. Of the advantages I can note the absence of the state of sleepiness, often occurring after administration of meat, increased exercise tolerance, decrease of aggressiveness, a change of consciousness in the direction of peace, stability and clarity. Compare for yourself your condition after dish of oatmeal and then steak with egg.

Vegetarianism is good for health only if you do not simply exclude from the diet of animal food, but also add to it something elseNuts instead of meat, buckwheat instead of poultry, sea kale and cheese instead of a fish ... Otherwise you just cut in the diet of a variety of nutrients previously consumed with animal food.

Do I have to completely switch to vegetarian food? If you consider vegetarianism as a spiritual path - then yes, if for you it is only a synonym for a healthy lifestyle, it is better to abandon meat and poultry, and leave the fish, yet the nation of long-livers is Japanese, who consume seafood, and not Indian vegetarians. In addition, in the vegetarian menu there are more unhealthy foods than meat, simple, easily digestible carbohydrates: refined rice, white flour, sweets ...

Rejection of products of animal origin - is a very serious step, and before you make it, it is necessary to think thoroughly, and even better - to consult with a doctor if vegetarianism bring benefits to your body!


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