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Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine"

Today we got from the bookshelf Ray Bradbury's novella Dandelion Wine (1957)... It is not at all fantastic and even autobiographical in many ways, it stands apart in the writer's work. The story takes place in the summer of 1928 in the fictional town of Green Town, Illinois.

The prototype of the town is Bradbury's hometown - Waukegan in the same US state. And in the main character Douglas Spaulding, the author is easily guessed, the name is an allusion to Bradbury himself: Douglas is the middle name of his father, and Spaulding is the maiden name of his paternal grandmother. Dandelion Wine is the bright world of a twelve-year-old boy, filled with joyful and sad, mysterious and disturbing events. Summer is a time when amazing discoveries are made every day, the main of which is that you are alive, you breathe, you feel! In the story, Tom and Douglas' grandfather makes wine from dandelions every summer. Often Douglas thinks that this wine should keep the current time, the events that happened when the wine was made: “Wine made from dandelions. These very words are like summer on the tongue. Dandelion Wine - Caught and Bottled Summer. "

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