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Technology that reads minds at a distance

"It just so happened that the friendly relations with the technique I did not work - only to" you "and by name. Yes, and all sorts of gadgets began to develop only after the wedding. Her husband was a big fan of the new-fangled smartphones, smart watches, pedometers and other gizmos with "intelligence".

The Internet is our whole thing.

So my husband tried to introduce me to high technologies. Knowing how much I love to cook, he made me a royal gift - he brought a Candy Elite SimplyFi oven with built-in wi-fi from an overseas business trip. At first I thought it was funny that even the oven in our house now has an Internet connection. She even chuckled to herself, saying that this was so that she could chat with her friends on social networks. But she didn't say anything to her husband so as not to offend. And I even allowed myself to install a special application on my phone and tablet.

But as you explore the new occupant of the kitchen, I was more surprised its usefulness and reasonableness. It turned out that with the help of the application you can manage Candy, even if you are not at home. For example, quickly heat up the oven when you need something to cook quickly. A couple of times this option is great rescued me when I was stuck in traffic jams.

By the way, in spite of its technical cretinism, instructions for use, even in the hands did not take. Smart oven itself suggested, and what to do. And still all sorts of useful tips give. With all settings turned out to be too easy. Just kept the most running in the menu, and now the flick of the wrist reproduce the desired program. In general, I feel like a real technical genius.

And not so long ago Candy did not save me from the shame. It happened that the parents of my husband came to visit us. On this occasion, I started a festive dinner: I mashed the fish in a creamy sauce. And she wanted to make a baked potato for her cunning recipe. Before cooking I had to go to the store. There was a shortage of some products and a favorite wine for my mother-in-law. Fortunately, I guessed to put the prepared fish and potatoes in the switched off oven. As luck would have it, the neighboring supermarket did not have what it needed. Therefore, I had to recover the next store, and then again to the market to run. In the process, I realized that time was sorely lacking, so I quickly took the smartphone out of my pocket and gave the oven an order to start cooking without me. Having finished her business, she rushed home and saw to her boundless joy that everything was going on as usual and very smoothly. While laying on the table and fiddling with snacks, the fish and potatoes were safely baked. And I must say, turned out to be delicious. Even a strict mother-in-law usually disintegrated in compliments and remained very pleased with her visit. My husband was also in seventh heaven with happiness. And I even more, because it was on the verge of a loud fiasco.

Umnichku-Candy after that became even more to love. With her, everything is easy and quick, as if she really understands me. So now I'm cooking with special pleasure. And, as you know, a good mood in the culinary business is the most important ingredient. "

Special project and Candy "Eat at Home!"

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