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We have long been accustomed to the fact that consumer electronics dutifully preparing a meal for us, washes mountain dishes, wash clothes, cherishes products. And now this technique has learned to communicate with us and to perform important assignments, no matter where you are.

Candy Company created the first range of large household appliances SimplyFi, which can be controlled from a distance. Each unit is equipped with a built-in wi-fi, easy to connect to any mobile device and is controlled via a special application.

The new line includes everything you need: washing machine, dishwasher, oven, fridge, ceramic hob and extractor. You can run the washing machine GRANDO 'SimplyFi and leave home without worrying that miss the end of the wash. Smart car would send a message that it is completed and will offer to run the spin cycle later to fresh underwear turned to your arrival.

Fold the dirty dishes in the dishwasher EVO Space SimplyFi, and it alone will assess the extent of contamination and select the desired program. And if you are detained case, change the start time, and return to your dishes will be perfectly clean.

It is planned a gala dinner, and you do not have time to prepare everything in time? Put in the oven Elite SimplyFi necessary products in advance, on several levels. For a couple of hours before the guests arrive activate the program you want, even if you are away from home. Advanced oven to cope with the task perfectly and just in time, and the progress of its implementation, you can easily trace remotely.

Forgot your bottle of wine in the freezer? Your restless urchins again left open the door of the refrigerator? Due to the refrigerator KRIO Vital Evo SimplyFi these small troubles will be forgotten once and for all. After all, in which case, it shall immediately send you a message. And if necessary, you can use the remote freezing, and the camera itself is cooled to the desired temperature.

Leaving the soup on the stove to cook while doing homework with the children or going to a meeting with friends can now be done without any fear. After all, the ADAPTIVA SimplyFi induction hob will control the entire process and inform you when cooking is finished.

Part of the trouble helpfully take the hood SimplyFi, which is automatically activated when required. If you forget to open the window in the kitchen, it will make air recirculation. And in the event of smoke, she immediately will give a signal.

Besides all this clever technique Candy ensures economical energy consumption. It is in no adjusts to your habits, keeping frequently used settings. And with regular alerts, you will always be aware of the current state of affairs. But the main advantage is the absolute control of the appliances at any time and in any place.

Home appliances Candy SimplyFi is an indispensable assistant of the new generation in your kitchen, with whom you will forget about the tedious routine and will be able to devote your free time to enjoyable activities. 

Special project and Candy "Eat at Home!"

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