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«The family have a large and happy: my husband, my parents, three kids and a dog with a cat. And each, as usual, their quirks. Combines, perhaps, only one tasty meal loved by all, without exception.

Total family gathering at the dinner table in the evening and on weekends - in the compulsory program. Not to mention the festive feast expanded format with friends. So that the products we buy are usually in an epic scale. I even used to stock up food for the future. All the cupboards and freezer is always packed, just in case of emergency. Pets even laugh, they say, we can open a food item.

In general, in our case, a roomy and hardy refrigerator - a thing strategically necessary. And more recently, I decided that it would be good for our experienced unit to change something new and modern. Moreover, we started repairs. Kitchen set and furniture I have already looked after, now I need a refrigerator to choose. Just the other day nearby was a trade fair for large household appliances. There I went to find out how much, and look out for something worthwhile. Quite accidentally came across the exposition Candy - there was a presentation of the prototype of the new refrigerator KRIO Vital Evo SimplyFi. And the refrigerator, I must say, is advanced, with built-in wi-fi. I used to see such only in the movies, so it became interesting how it works.

It turns out that a special application is being downloaded to the phone or tablet, through which you can control the refrigerator, even if you are not at home. Well, for example, you are taking the trunk of products to the eye of a hypermarket, and you need to freeze them promptly. In order not to waste time, you can directly turn on the super-freezing mode through the phone. By your arrival, the temperature in the chamber will be optimal.  

Even the refrigerator itself can send messages on the phone, if the door is someone tightly closed, electricity is suddenly cut off or any problem occurred. Moreover, the system is not only accessible language describes the problem, but also tell me how to solve it. By the way, from the beloved spinogryzov that throughout his inquisitive nose poke, too, protection is available - children's castle. It blocks the refrigerator management, and technical genius of the young will not be able to bring down the setting, no matter how hard.

Or here is another useful option. When the guests are on the way, and we need to urgently cool a bottle of champagne, it's easiest to put it in the freezer. I think many have done this. The main thing is not to forget it in time to pull it out. I once ditched a bottle of good sparkling wine, and with it the meat supplies suffered. Ice meat under the champagne turned out, and even in the shards. So, the advanced Candy refrigerator has a special smart cool function, thanks to which such incidents never happen. When the bottle has cooled, there will immediately be an alert that it's time to get it. Well, everything else, the refrigerator monitors the consumption of electricity. And the relevant reports can be sent every day. So in case of what, the utility costs can be adjusted.

In general, I have listened carefully, and decided to order myself this miracle of technology. It is unlikely that I will be able to find something better. And such a wonderful assistant in my kitchen - its weight in gold. "

Special project Candy and "Let's Eat at Home!"

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