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The secret of health and longevity of the Caucasus: the useful ayran

In the Caucasus, this wonderful drink called the elixir of health and food of the gods. The reason - the healing properties of ayran and unique composition of ingredients, which remains unchanged since ancient times. What are the secrets of buttermilk?

Gift of the ancient nomads

Ayran is drunk for 15 centuries, and its invention is attributed to the Turkic nomadic tribes. All their lives they spent on campaigns, and therefore needed a drink that quenches thirst and hunger on the road. Quite by the way, they noticed that if you add a special leaven to their favorite milk, it will turn sour, get a pleasant taste and will be stored for a very long time. A little later, to their joy, they discovered the useful properties of ayran. The recipe spread very quickly all over the Caucasus, and still Ayran is the main drink of Karachais, Circassians, Balkars and other peoples. Today, how to properly prepare ayran, you will tell almost in any village, and everywhere there is a corporate recipe. Prepare ayran from goat, cow or sheep milk with the addition of a special starter from syuzma, katyk or kefir. Such a drink turns out to be very nutritious, so it satiates the body well and satisfies hunger. Often from ayran cold soups are prepared, marinades are made for shish kebab or added to hot meat dishes. And combining ayran with herbs, you can create exquisite sauces.

It is noteworthy that ayran - a drink, the use of which has been confirmed scientifically and is approved by modern doctors.

Cure for all diseases

So, what is useful for ayran? First and foremost, it has a positive effect on the digestive system: it is well absorbed, stimulates the work of the intestine and forms a favorable microflora. And Ayran increases the secretion of the stomach, as a result of which the bile ducts are effectively cleaned. Thanks to various amino acids, ayran stabilizes the water-salt balance of the body, which is why it perfectly quenches thirst. Present in this drink and ascorbic acid, which helps to strengthen immunity and resist seasonal diseases. It has long been noted that ayran is the best remedy for a hangover. After all, it has a beneficial effect on the work of the nervous system, bringing it into the norm in the shortest possible time. Ayran also helps to fill the lack of oxygen in tissues and organs, as it increases blood flow and tones muscles well. Quite rightly the question arises, is it useful for all? Much depends on the technology of preparation and individual characteristics of the body. If you have never tried this drink, at first there may be a slight discomfort. Therefore, acquaintance with it should start with small doses, gradually increasing them. In addition, ayran is contraindicated in gastric ulcers, gastritis, increased acidity and intolerance of dairy components.

Tasty diet

Separately worth mentioning is another valuable property. Ayran for weight loss is one of the most effective and safe means. The main secret lies in useful sour-milk bacteria, which gently and painlessly cleanse the body of putrefactive bacteria, toxins and other harmful substances. Only one glass of ayran a day will relieve constipation, normalize metabolic processes and adjust digestion. Nutritionists recommend drinking it at dinner or a few hours before bedtime. At low caloric content, ayran is a nutritious drink, besides it is much more delicious than kefir, ryazhenka and other fermented milk products. That's why it is recommended to use it for unloading days. With ayran this procedure can be stretched for as long as three days without the slightest harm to the body, as it will receive a lot of nutrients and stay in satiety. And all this wealth is completely accessible to everyone, the main thing is to know how to make ayran.

All useful - just

Ayran is well absorbed, stimulates the intestines and forms a favorable microflora

Answers to the question "How to cook ayran?" Can be collected in a separate cookbook. Nevertheless, we will follow the general principles. The simplest version is the recipe for domestic ayran. For him, we need a chilled natural yogurt (600 ml) and mineral water (200 ml). First whisk yogurt with a pinch of salt in a lush mass. If desired, you can add a little chopped parsley, cilantro or dill. Now, with a thin trickle, we introduce cooled mineral water and mix thoroughly.

Ayran from cow or goat milk will turn out to be no less tasty. You can use kefir, sour cream or yogurt as a starter culture. First you need to boil milk (250 ml) over low heat - the longer, the better. Cool it to 40 ° C, add the starter culture (70 g) and mix well. Pour the drink into a jar, close the lid tightly and infuse for 6 hours. After that, you can slightly dilute ayran with boiled water and add salt to taste. It is best to drink it fresh, immediately after preparation.

Ayran - a drink that combines great taste and countless beneficial properties. See for yourself. And if you have your own secrets of cooking Ayran, be sure to share with us. 

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