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Celery is not very long ago appeared in our stores, but we already know him well and love. About what kind of biologically active substances contained in this remarkable plant, says Yakov Marshak.

Since time immemorial, in the Mediterranean countries celery was considered a food that brings health. In folk medicine, its seeds are used to enhance sexual activity in men and as a diuretic. Scientists of Chicago Medical Center was able to be isolated from celery substance that determines its specific smell and having a mass of useful properties.

Pay attention to this plant is made of pure chance: the father of one of the employees, suffering from excessive fatness, introduced into his daily diet 120 g stalks of celery, the assimilation of which the body spends more calories than it contains. This man was also pressured - constantly kept at the level of 158 / 96, and Americans are very afraid of hypertension, calling it a silent killer: it is often resolved by heart attacks and strokes leading to death. A week after the start of the celery diet the weight did not change, but the pressure completely normalized, dropping to 118 / 82. Chicago researchers found that the cause of this miraculous healing was contained in the celery 3N-butylphthalide.

The mechanism of action of this substance is amazing - 3NB not only removes the excess muscle tension from the walls of blood vessels, but is soft and harmonious effect of diuretics: Dropping excess liquid from overflowing bloodstream, reduces blood pressure and facilitates the work of the heart, but it does not disturb the normal ratio of sodium and potassium ions in the blood.

Have 3NB and one more remarkable property: it eliminates one of the important causes of atherosclerosis - cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels - and also suppresses the excessive activity of the dangerous enzyme xanthine oxidase, which destroys the cell walls of the intravascular bed. This prevents chronic joint inflammation, especially in those who suffer from gout - celery extract prevents the formation of excess uric acid and free oxygen radicals, exacerbating inflammation and leading to early wear and tear of the body.

Existing pharmaceutical preparations, for example allopurinol ksantinoksidaznuyu also reduce activity but have side effects. 3N-B containing celery is a proven food product for millennia, it is absolutely safe and effective, so eat it every day. And if you don’t really like its taste, look for pharmacy extracts of celery seed tablets or capsules. Over the past few years, more than 100 thousands of Australians have been taking this pill twice a day while eating - the benefits are obvious, and no side effects have been reported!

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