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The healing power of the bath spa at home

How to take a bath with the use of

Wonderful hot tub with water and pat your skin intoxicating fragrance - the best way to get rid of the burden of the past day and a dip in the pleasant bliss. How to take a bath for the benefit of body and soul? Today let's talk about home baths from natural ingredients.

Safe dive

But to begin with - a few simple recommendations that water procedures go for good, and not to harm. The healing properties of the bath largely depend on its temperature. Cool water within 20-35 ° C has a tonic effect, hot water up to 42 ° C enhances sweating and cleanses the pores. The most important principle - do not stay in the water for long. Only this is the benefit of natural baths: the blood vessels expand, the body is completely relaxed, the nervous tension goes away, and with it - all the accumulated negative. If you tighten the procedure for longer than half an hour, the load on the heart will increase, dizziness and other unpleasant sensations will appear.

Lay motionless in the water, too, is not necessary. To achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to change position often, and even better - to do self-massage relaxing hand or hard sponge. For elbows and heels, especially where the skin is rough, you can use a pumice stone. After the bath is recommended obmytsya warm water thoroughly rub the body with a towel and apply it milky lotion or cream.

Dissolve those extra pounds

One of the best is bran bath

The most popular slimming bath. What natural bath prepared for this purpose? The ingredients, which exist in every home or available for sale. With frequent use of visible results gives lime bath. For it will need lime collection, which is available in any pharmacy. We insist a few bags of dry leaves in a liter of water 40 minutes and add it to a hot bath.

Rapidly gaining popularity soda and salt bath for weight loss. To begin with, the mixed 200 300 and baking soda of sea salt, then pour them into a warm bath and stir. Take it longer 10 minutes is not recommended, and it is desirable not to eat or drink for an hour before and after the procedure.

One of the best is considered bran tub. Initially 1 kg bran brewed in two liters of milk with the addition of honey, the mixture was then poured into water. This bath promotes weight loss, tightens the skin, making it smooth and beautiful.

According to the precepts of Cleopatra

Many people prefer homemade natural milk baths. After all, as the legend says, Cleopatra often bathed in milk to maintain irresistible beauty. There are many variations of recipes. In a liter of heated milk, dissolve 100 g of honey, and while it cools down, a mixture of 100 g of salt and 100 g of sour cream is rubbed into the body. After 20-25 minutes, wash off the mask and take a milk-honey bath.

Multifaceted effect does milk bath with citrus. First in warm water poured a liter of boiled milk, and then pour out to the same slices of oranges, lemons and grapefruits with the skin. By the way, while taking a bath, they can massage the hardened and dull skin. This procedure has a beneficial effect on the skin, it helps get rid of cellulite, well calms the nerves and improves mood.

The wonderful ingredients for natural milk baths are various aromatic oils. They help to completely relax the body and fall asleep with a sound healthy sleep. To prepare such a bath, along with a liter of milk, add a few drops of lavender, melissa and jasmine oils to the bath.          

In the arms of affectionate herbs

Herbal bath always relaxes and has a calming effect

Do not forget about the different herbs, because many of them have complex health-improving effect and effectively cleanse the body of harmful substances.

So, prepare a bath with natural ingredients will help the already mentioned raspberry and linden. Collect the mixture from the dried leaves, flowers and buds of linden, add a raspberry bush leaves. The total weight of the mixture should be at least 300 was insist it in five liters of water 30 minutes and pour into the tub. Such bath will help bring the body of excess salt and fluids.

More complex workpiece can be made from the leaves, young stems and birch sap. This mixture is poured three liters of water, bring to a boil, strain and add to the bath. After this procedure improves blood circulation and getting better water-salt balance.

Oregano is also perfect for home bath. Fill 400 of dry grass with five liters of water, bring to a boil and let it brew 15-20 minutes. You can then pour the broth into the tub with warm water. This recipe will help cleanse the body of harmful substances and normalize metabolic processes.

Knowing how to prepare a natural bath according to our recipes, you can always arrange an improvised beauty salon at home. However, before seriously embarking on such procedures, consult a specialist, especially if you have any chronic diseases.  

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