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The healing power of green tea

As the popularity of tea is second only to water. Every day, the world consumed more than 2 000 000 000 cups of tea. But only about 20% the total amount of tea drunk green tea.

And this surprising, because its properties green tea is much more useful than the red and black tea.

Its benefits are due to the fact that in the manufacture of green tea leaves undergo minimal fermentation.

The greatest recognition of green tea has received among the Chinese people, Japan, Korea and other Eastern countries. hundreds of teas and taste properties are grown here differ depending on the altitude and climate in which the tea bushes growing at what time of day the tea leaves were collected and how the collected leaves were treated.

The fashion for green tea came to Western countries only at the end of the 20 century. True, in the Soviet Union Georgian, Azerbaijani and even Chinese green tea was sold in bulk and in tiles. But because of the peculiar taste, he did not use special demand. But today, the use of green tea rather than black tea characterizes a person as an advanced and health-conscious person.

What good in green tea

As for taste, it is unlikely to be the determining factor in the choice that the consumer makes in favor of green tea. Most likely, the popularity of green tea has acquired thanks to its unique properties, aggressively advertised by tea companies. And green tea really has something to boast about. 

As you know, residents of Asian countries have been drinking green tea for thousands of years. Statistics, however, have information that in China and Japan, for example, the incidence of cardiovascular diseases, esophageal and bladder cancer is significantly lower than in other countries. It is believed that this situation has developed largely due to the regular use of green tea by the inhabitants of these countries, which has antioxidant properties and contains a high amount of polyphenolic compounds. But the unique properties of green tea do not end there.

The polyphenols in green tea are magical. They help accelerate metabolism, which means weight loss and maintenance of normal weight. Green tea in diabetics normalizes blood sugar levels after meals. It does not allow blood clots to form in blood vessels, as it has anticoagulant properties.

Green tea polyphenols are changing in our favor, the ratio of "good" and "bad" cholesterol in the body and restore neuronal connections, not allowing to develop Alzheimer's disease. The amino acid L-theanine contained in the leaves of green tea, improves brain activity, can relieve depression, nervous tension and dysphoria. Green Tea Catechins provide antibacterial, antiseptic and diuretic properties of this drink, reduce the risk of glaucoma and other eye diseases.

Also, green tea normalizes the skin condition, helps fight its aging and the appearance of wrinkles, because there is more beta-carotene in it than in carrots, and more vitamin E than in spinach. Green tea also strengthens tooth enamel, but it is important to be careful: if you take care of your teeth, choose more expensive teas, as cheap green tea contains much more fluoride.

In green tea, minerals are on the order of 7%. It is the body needs potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, as well as small amounts of zinc, manganese and copper.  

Daily limit of green tea

As useful as green tea, you can not feel the effect of using it if you drink one or two cups of this drink a day. Producers recommend drinking at least five cups of green tea per day, and especially greedy marketers promote the idea of ​​ten cups a day. But here, too, not everything is clear. After all, green tea contains caffeine, which helps increase blood pressure. Too much green tea can cause insomnia, and also reduce the ability of the body to absorb vitamins and minerals. So hypertensive people, pregnant women and people, sensitive to caffeine, ten and even three cups a day can be a bit much. A person who does not have special health problems should drink three to four cups of green tea in a day, but it is better to do it in the first half of the day to sleep at night and not to suffer from insomnia.

Many people drink green tea with additives, in particular, with milk. But it turns out that green tea diluted with milk loses half of its beneficial properties. It does not work for green tea and our usual system of double-teapot tea leaves. Brewed green tea is drunk as such, but not diluted with boiling water, like black.  


How to brew green tea

Green tea is an economical product. When preparing green tea, you can safely ignore the famous rule from an anecdote about the secrets of good brewing. For the right green tea, two grams of tea leaves for 100 ml of water are enough, which should in no case be steep boiling water. Some particularly sophisticated comrades in general pour the leaves of green tea with ordinary boiled water at room temperature and leave for the night, and then with pleasure drink the infusion obtained. But according to the rules, green tea is still brewed with hot water and insisted for three to five minutes. The best water temperature for brewing green tea is from 61 to 87 ° C.

Before brewing green tea teapot tradition rinse the inside with boiling water poured into his tea, which is filled with water the right temperature. If you need to reduce the dose of caffeine, one minute is added and the water is drained, fresh, in which the tea is brewed. Green tea can be brewed up to ten times, while "marry" a second time, even black tea - a bad tone.

So, if you want to throw a couple of kilograms, every day feel cheerful and less sick, it's worth thinking about how to make green tea a part of your life. As for the taste ... there are quite a lot of palatable varieties of green tea: try and you are sure to find your favorite.

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