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Excessively dry skin of the face and body - a problem faced by 90% of middle-aged women. Discomfort is usually worse in the winter, and even more - in the spring. How to cope with this trouble and return the beauty found out Irina Romanova.

“Wait, I’m smearing my hands with cream,” said my mother, sitting down to sew. “It’s annoying when they cling to everything.” Mom was then about forty, I was seventeen. I did not understand her then, I thought that she was just dodging so as not to sew me another skirt. Now I am about forty. The skin has become drier, especially in winter and spring. Washing your hands is now torture, lying in bed is torture, putting on tights is a nightmare. Tired of discomfort, I turned to Elena Eduardovna Vergun, a cosmetologist at the Clinic for Active Aging of the Beauty Institute on Arbat. 

- Why in the winter and early spring, even oily skin is dry? And why complain of dry skin usually women after 35 years?

- Women have thinner skin than men, but with age it is even more thinner. So winter is for many women really bad period. On the street, in the cold, peripheral vessels of the skin spazmiruyutsya, from this reduced activity of the sebaceous glands. Spring becomes better not - while still operating in heating houses, because the heated air batteries evaporates from the skin too much moisture. As a result, its function is reduced, and women complain of discomfort: dryness, feeling of tightness, peeling, the first wrinkles.

- Is it true that in the cold season you cannot use a moisturizer, but only a nutritious one?

- Moisturize skin needs all year round, because even oily skin suffering from dehydration. Nuance is that during the cold period it is desirable to use a moisturizer at night and in the morning is better to apply a nourishing cream - it will create an additional hydro mantle of the skin, protecting it from the cold and wind. If necessary, top nourishing cream can do makeup.

- How to choose a nourishing cream right? Which substances should be included in its composition?

- First of all, the cream should not cause allergic reactions and discomfort, so every woman picks it up personally. It is desirable that the cream was part of lanolin or derivatives thereof, lecithin, cocoa butter, vitamins A, E, D, which we have lacked.

- They say if the face and body skin is dry, it should be as small watering can with water and take a shower just warm?

- No, acid-base balance of the skin, the so-called pH, healthy skin from an hour and a half, after contact with water must be restored. Another thing is that it can help in this. For instance, after showering put on your skin moisturizing lotion, and after washing dishes greased hands cream.

- Now in big fashion creams enriched with essential oils. And some women smeared face and body in the usual olive oil or Vitaon.

- Essential oils are added to the cream not to moisturize the skin, but to obtain a therapeutic effect from the fragrance that acts on the nervous system. Vegetable oils applied to the skin in their pure form, on the contrary, draw moisture from the skin cells, thereby causing temporary edema. Due to the swelling of the skin and it seems smoother, less noticeable wrinkles. But this does not mean that it is better hydrated. 

- What home remedies you will then be advised?

- For dry skin, masks of avocado, mashed potatoes, cream and yolk are very helpful. For the care of hands and feet, paraffin baths with a nourishing cream are suitable.

- Can help to diet? And what kind of foods should be eaten?

- Of course, you have to eat as many greens, vegetables, fruits, rich in vitamins A, E, C, - a carrot, pumpkin, cauliflower, potatoes, apples, cranberries, oranges ... If there are no contraindications, you can take the vitamins A , C, E, K in the form of dietary supplements. As for the drinking regime, it is for each individual person and on average should be 1,5-2 liters of fluid a day.

- And how do you struggle with dryness of the skin?

- I am a supporter of the radical method - biorevitalization. These are injections of hyaluronic acid, which helps moisturize the skin, restore its structure and elasticity, and is also an excellent antioxidant. I usually do biorevitalization once a year in early spring. The course consists of 3-4 procedures with an interval of 2 weeks. This is enough for my skin to survive the next winter without discomfort.

I have not yet decided on biorevitalisation. But other recommendations Helena Edwardovna Vergun doing for almost a month. Eat pumpkin and cabbage, make a mask of mashed potatoes left over from dinner, and do not go out for a walk with the kids, do not lubricate the face cream. I also discovered a novelty - a moisturizing conditioner for the body. I use it as a hair conditioner: nanoshu after showering with skin, wash off, towel. Skin is soft all day. So life seems to be getting better ...

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