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Menu for hypertensive

Hypertension  one of the most common diseases, younger every year. A special diet for hypertensive patients helps in many ways to fight it. The menu, designed specifically for this ailment, and we will discuss.

Power in numbers

Before figuring out what is useful to have high blood pressure, you need to create a rational diet. After all, he is the foundation of any effective diet. To do this, you need to establish a five-six-time eating small portions of 200-250 g every 2,5-3 hours. At the same time the last of them should be completed at least 4 hours before bedtime. Thus, we avoid the constant feeling of hunger and overeating, requiring enhanced digestion, and with it the additional inflow of blood and an extra strain on the heart.

Dishes for hypertensive patients should be low in calories and rich in fiber. In this respect, any vegetables are ideal. Their daily allowance should be on average 300-350 g. Various fruits and berries with a moderate sugar content can also be included in the diet. It is extremely important to monitor the amount of fluid you consume. The daily volume should not exceed 1,5 liters, including soups and drinks. In this case, alcohol is strictly prohibited. An exception, perhaps, is dry red wine, no more than 150 ml per day. But green tea for hypertensive patients is shown in any quantities. Thanks to flavonoids, it well decomposes bad cholesterol, increases the elasticity of blood vessels and has a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

Heart enemies

Not less important question - that you can not have high blood pressure. When the disease from the diet excludes any fatty foods and dishes prepared with butter or margarine. The first number on the black list are pork and lamb. All kinds of offal, especially liver, kidney and brain follow them. If you cook the meat diet, do not spoil it with mayonnaise and other high-calorie sauces.

Among the contraindications listed in hypertension eating smoked meat, canned food, pickles and hot spices. The salt content in the dishes should be minimized, because it provokes excess pressure surges. Remember, the daily rate of salt should not exceed 3-5 sake of health will have to forget about baking a dough, homemade jam, cakes with butter cream and other pleasures of a sweet tooth.

Can high blood pressure to drink coffee? On this question, doctors give a definite answer in any case. After all, caffeine is not only dramatically increases the pressure, but also reduces the elasticity of blood vessels.

Menu for hypertensive

Dried fruits should be added to the list of allowed foods: a handful of dried apricots or prunes every day is the easiest and quickest recipe to reduce high blood pressure

It's no secret that overweight adversely affects the state of the heart and blood vessels. Accordingly, the main task is to weight loss. Menu for hypertensive patients have to take into account this aspect. Therefore, the diet should prevail lean meats and fish, steamed or multivarka. Especially useful for hypertension cod and sea bass, because they contain magnesium and phosphorus, maintaining the strength of blood vessels and the processes of hematopoiesis.

The menu for hypertensive patients for a week at least 4-5 times should include dairy products, such as low-fat cottage cheese, eggs or low-calorie cheeses. Potatoes, beans, and wholemeal bread should be present in moderation. Soups should be cooked in vegetable or dietary meat broths, and if possible, do not abuse them. Among cereals, we make a choice in favor of buckwheat, oatmeal and millet.

The best friends are hypertensive beets and carrots. They abound in the major "heart" trace elements - potassium and magnesium. In addition, they are full of fiber, which is actively fighting harmful cholesterol. And dried fruits should be added to the list of authorized products. A handful of dried apricots or prunes every day - the most simple and quick recipe for reducing high blood pressure.

Folk wisdom

Grated cranberries help with high blood pressure

Drug treatment in hypertension is prescribed by a doctor. However, in addition to it, you can use folk recipes from high blood pressure. On the assurances of experts, especially effective in this regard, viburnum. To prepare the drug, you must pass through a meat grinder 1 a glass of viburnum and mix it with the same amount of honey. Take the drug you need to 1 art. l. for 20 minutes before meals. Some recipes for hypertensive people include citrus fruits. Rub lemon on the grater with the peel, add on 1 st. l. crushed berries of dogrose and cranberries, as well as a glass of honey. Take a mixture of 1 art. l. every day in the morning and in the evening.

According to the testimony of many hypertensive patients, an excellent remedy for their illness is a persimmon. For best results, we recommend a daily basis to eat one fruit or juice to cook out of it. A Scandinavian scientists have recently concluded that, in the fight against hypertension helps bananas. Two fruit per day for 2-3 months, by their calculations, would bring the pressure back to normal and give up drugs.

Whatever prescriptions for high blood pressure you choose, first get the approval of a specialist. And if you have proven methods that have already helped you, tell other readers about them. 

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