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We all know that the teeth should be brushed twice a day 2, choose the right toothpaste and toothbrush, visit the dentist at least once every six months and do not abuse the sweet. It is a truism, and, apparently, their implementation should ensure dental health.

But it turns out that our daily diet is not as safe for the teeth as it seems. Alexey Bolyachin, dentist, candidate of medical sciences, Colgate expert on the problems of diagnosis and prevention of caries tells about the effect of food on dental health.

"From childhood, my mother and grandmother never tired of reminding us that the sweet teeth will ache. Of course, they are right, because sugar is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, which in turn leads to the gradual destruction of the enamel. Nobody will be surprised that the problem lies not only in candies and chocolates, and toffee, candy and any other "stringy" sweets - they are long in the mouth, besides instantly stick to teeth.

It is important to note that with regard to sweets, the negative impact on dental health does not depend on the amount eaten, but on the frequency. I recommend to my patients to eat sweet once a day, as a dessert. It is useful for the teeth and for the figure. By the way, the habit of constantly snacking does not generally affect the health of the oral cavity in the best way. Indeed, thanks to the pieces of food remaining after the next meal, an environment conducive to the growth of bacteria is constantly kept in the mouth.

But we should also keep in mind that seemingly innocuous fruit and yogurt, which we consider a healthy diet, may also be to blame for visits to the dentist. Sweet fruits contain carbohydrates and organic acids that destroy tooth enamel. A dried fruit, sweet apples, bananas, grapes, pineapples in addition to being sugar free, and still stick to the teeth. The list goes on cereals and muesli bars, which are so fond of snacking woman is following health and figure. A effect for teeth is the same as that of the candy.

Products containing starch - not less attractive menu for microorganisms in the oral cavity. Pasta, bread, chips, crackers and potatoes, tend to remain long in the mouth, jamming and sticking to the teeth. And thanks contained in the saliva enzymes, starch begins to turn into simple sugars, so beloved by bacteria.

But there are also foods that are good for dental health. Feel free to add cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots, radishes, zucchini, eggplants, cabbage and cauliflower to your menu - in addition to being rich in fiber necessary for a healthy diet, they stimulate the production of saliva, which also removes plaque and neutralizes the action of acids. The daily diet must contain foods rich in calcium and minerals: dairy products, nuts, legumes. If possible, add sea fish and seafood to the diet, as they contain fluoride and thanks to it, protect the enamel from caries.

To summarize - what foods will help keep a nice smile?

- Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber is mechanically cleaned our teeth and stimulate saliva flow, which is the best prevention of tooth decay and gum disease.

- Dairy Products, firstly encapsulate the tooth enamel, protecting it from degradation, and secondly, contain high amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which prevents disruption of enamel structure.

- The most common water, green or herbal teas without sugar prevents drying of the mouth. Tea contains polyphenols that prevent the growth of bacteria, provoking the destruction of enamel.

- Products containing calcium, phosphorus, vitamins A, C and D - chicken, beef, eggs, fish, spinach, beans, nuts, cereals and green leafy vegetables.

And one of the most important: a sufficient amount of clean non-carbonated drinking water - 1,5-2 liters per day, and tea, coffee, juices are not counted, as many sometimes think. Fluorides enter the body with water, which are important for the strength of the enamel and the prevention of caries. Also, when drinking pure water, we wash off food debris, which is especially important after consuming easily digestible carbohydrates, such as sweets.

And do not forget to rinse your mouth with plain water or rinse after meals.

How to enjoy delicacies, while keeping teeth healthy? Care must be thorough and proper oral hygiene and the use of effective hygiene, remineralizing enamel and neutralize the action of cariogenic bacteria.

In accordance with the official recommendation of the Dental Association of Russia, the use of toothpaste with fluoride is the most effective of the available and clinically proven ways to prevent and develop caries. But fluoride only strengthens the enamel of the teeth, practically not acting on the bacteria of dental plaque. The innovative Colgate Toothpaste Maximum Protection against Caries + Sugar Acid Neutralizer, in addition to fluorides, contains the patented Sugar Acid Neutralizer technology, which protects the tooth enamel from the adverse effects of cariogenic bacteria in the oral cavity. It is based on natural ingredients: the amino acid arginine, which is a natural building block of proteins in the human body, in combination with calcium carbonate. The novelty from Colgate is the first and only toothpaste that, using a unique technology, not only protects teeth, but neutralizes sugar acids - the number 1 cause of caries.

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