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“It’s always a pleasure to go home, especially after a long and undisturbed vacation. However, having crossed the threshold of my native apartment, I immediately understood that something was wrong. Alarming the exemplary order and ingratiating views of her husband and children. 

Suspecting the worst, I immediately asked to get down to business.

It turned out that in my absence the stove in the kitchen broke (or someone helped her). But another surprised. In her place, there was another, or rather, something that remotely resembled her. The husband diligently began to explain that this is a built-in induction cooking surface, Candy CI 640 C, that all the advanced hostesses use it, that it is very comfortable and stuff like that.

It should be noted separately, my husband - a big fan of all sorts of gadgets, so bought a plate proper. And I am by nature a conservative, and too "smart" appliances afraid. Looking around the dark shiny panel with four light circles and rows of painted buttons, I thought that tomorrow is going to change it to something more familiar.

In the evening, still succumbed to temptation, I took the instructions and decided to explore a subject unknown to me. Instruction stipulated that the heat generated inside the cookware and the surface of the plate at the same time is almost cold. I decided to test this thesis, the heating of the kettle with water. The thesis was correct, besides the water boiled faster than a conventional gas burner. When I removed the kettle from the stove, she dutifully turned off. In fact, everything came out easier than I imagined.

Further instructions told me to cook several dishes at the same time is also quite simple. To do this, set the required power for each cooking zone using the touch buttons. By the way, to manage them was easy and even pleasant. And if you need to, you can turn the control lock function - to protect against frisky kids or curious pets.

Going deeper into reading the instructions, I already felt like a real guru of induction cookers. I really wanted to cook something on it, so I decided to postpone the return to the store. And the very next day I took up culinary experiments. The only thing that was important to take care of was special dishes that are magnetised. Cast iron dishes, stainless steel, or enamel, most importantly with a thick bottom, is just what you need. Fortunately, we have a lot of such bowls-pans. And I didn't have to select anything specifically for the size. The hotplate starts working if the cookware covers its surface by at least one third.

By the end of cooking dinner, I communicated with the new stove on "you", as if all my life I have been cooking on it. And what made me especially happy, as a fighter for cleanliness and order, the induction hob is amazingly easy to clean. Now I can safely say that I am very glad that Candy has appeared in my life. Thanks to her, I realized that some changes are only for the better. "

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