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"I want to share a story about how useful to be friends with the wonders of technology. Personally, I have always treated them without much enthusiasm, one might even say, skeptical. For the time being the most advanced tool in my kitchen was a fancy electric kettle.

I really like drinking tea with buns with friends.

These same friends presented me a washing machine - Candy GRANDO 'SimplyFi. My old unit was completely numb. Some suspicious sounds began to emanate. A couple of times even treacherously died at the most inopportune moment. So he needed an immediate replacement. My friends decided to make me happy by the next holiday. I liked the new car at once: powerful, compact, not noisy. It turned out that she has built-in Wi-Fi. At first I decided that this function was unnecessary for me. Although they explained to me that it can be controlled with a stylalki without even touching it. You only need a special application on your phone to install. Then I only shrugged my shoulders.

And not so long ago my grandmother visited me. She, although at a respectable age, but a brisk, energetic woman. I called on the au pair to help: in the apartment to clean up once again or dinner to cook for the whole family. I was not against it. Once Grandma started washing. At this time my husband and I were at work, and the children at school. Therefore, she was left alone with a new stiralkoy. How to treat her, Granny did not know. I did not even turn it on, I was afraid that I would break something inadvertently. Therefore, she called me and asked me to give a detailed briefing. But for me as luck would have it, this real work accident happened. And then I remembered that I myself can start the car from the phone. It turned out that it's easy. My grandmother only asked for linen. And the drunkard began work in good faith. The enthusiastic exclamations in the tube were a clear confirmation of this. However, then half a year later they explained to Granny how this miracle is possible.

It turned out that Wi-Fi in the stylalk is a very necessary thing. With him, a whole bunch of useful functions are connected. If there is a malfunction during the washing, the machine will immediately send an alert to the phone. Say, the water stopped flowing or the drain pump was hammered. You will immediately know about it. And at the same time get practical advice on how to fix the problem without calling the master. The most current settings can be entered into the memory of the machine and then activated with one click. Still it is possible to use the delayed start that linen was washed to a convenient time. And if you do not have time to return in time, you can remotely turn on a short spin, and to your arrival linen will be fresh and clean.

In addition, Candy periodically sends messages with good advice. For example, it suggests a favorable time for washing when the lowest electricity rates are in effect. It also helps you choose the optimal mode, taking into account the volume of laundry, the degree of soiling and other subtleties, and even washes perfectly at a temperature of 20 ° C. Such an economical machine is a real find for thrifty housewives.  

In general, I am grateful to friends for such a valuable gift. After the incident with the grandmother began to appreciate clever-Candy even more. In domestic issues without such an intelligent and reliable assistant as without hands. ” 

Special project Candy and "Let's Eat at Home!"

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