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Make up your mind at the gym

Do you know what the fuss in the kitchen, which is always accompanied by a cooking process that burns calories for about 120 30 minutes ?! Therefore, there is a good reason to take advantage of home in the evenings for culinary experiments! The main thing is not to get carried away then, trying to cooked

And if you do decide to go to the gym, it is important to remember: after exercise, you cannot eat anything for some time. Of course, you will immediately feel hunger, but if the hunger is not satisfied, the body will perfectly solve the “problem” itself - it will begin to take the missing elements from fat deposits. During exercise, the body needs primarily protein. Knowing this, you can safely afford some protein food (for example, a piece of meat with vegetables) 3 hours before training, it does not hurt at all. 

And if you decide to go to step aerobics classes ... Maybe it's easier to stop using the elevator? It is much cheaper, and the legs will be in perfect condition!

Lose weight with pleasure, my friends!


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