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Ten ideas for decoration New Year's table

In the New Year's feast everything should be fine: dishes, drinks, and tableware. It is the beautiful decoration of the festive table at home that creates a unique feeling of spiritual warmth. 

Forest Fairy tale

The most simple decor, which you can think of - registration table cloth festive table.

A composition with a forest flavor is ideal for celebrating the New Year. Place a basket with a miniature herringbone in the center of the table and place glasses with spruce legs everywhere. Decorate the plates with pine twigs and rowan berries. Complete this original decoration of the festive table with snowflakes and large cones in sparkles. Revived napkins 

Photo: pinterest. Christmas tree napkinsDecorations from napkins for a festive table look spectacular. Take a green cloth, fold in four and iron. Bend each free tip to get triangles that do not reach the top by 1. Turn the napkin upside down, fold the edges to the middle and turn it over again. Fill the loose ends inward and decorate the top with an asterisk - the Christmas tree is ready. Such a table setting with napkins will be remembered for a long time. 

Floral fantasy

Photo: pinterest. Flower and berry decorA win-win move - a festive decoration of the table in flowers. Any serving will be decorated with live lilies, gerberas, roses, orchids or carnations. A colorful bouquet of them can be put in a small basket or a silver vase with a height of no more than 20 cm in the center of the table. Fir twigs, artificial snow and tinsel will create a Christmas mood. Such festive table decoration with their own hands will be complemented by elegant bouquets in glasses near the guests' plates. 

Magic glasses

Photo: pinterest. Beautiful holiday glassesAccording to the rules of serving the festive table on it should be glasses. Why not decorate them? The legs can be decorated with rhinestones or beads, and the body painted with acrylic paints. Take organza and satin ribbons, make two bows, sew together and decorate with mother-of-pearl beads. Using glue to secure the bow on the glass. This festive table decoration with your own hands will be a bright touch, and it is more pleasant to drink from such glasses. 

Toy holiday 

Put silver or golden balls on saucers, add them with bows, beads, confetti and place on a tableThe decoration and setting of the festive table will benefit if you decorate it with Christmas decorations. Take a large round transparent vase on a low foot, fill it with multi-colored balls and place it in the center. Put silver or golden balls on the saucers, add them with bows, beads, confetti and place on the table. A beautiful table setting will turn out if you hang Christmas toys on bright ribbons above it. 

Magic lights 

Photo: pinterest. Beautiful bulbs or lights will be the highlight of your holiday table setting.Candles in laying home festive table - a good solution. Dip the flat round candles in a transparent dish with water. Put glass pebbles on the bottom, and scatter rose petals on the surface of the water. The festive decoration of the New Year's table looks great composition of wide large candles. Put them on a saucer and place a number of tangerines, cones, chestnuts, nuts in the shell and artificial flowers. 

Heart souvenirs

Photo: pinterest. Souvenirs will please every guestHow to make decorations on the festive table to please every guest? Prepare for them symbolic souvenirs, beautifully wrap gift paper and tie it with a ribbon. These can be charms, figurines, scented candles, Christmas-tree decorations and other pleasant trifles. Such an idea for decorating a festive table will especially touch your friends if you attach small cards with warm wishes to the gifts. 

Wonderland tree

Photo: pinterest. Fruit background

Jewellery-snacks festive table pleasing to the eye and tease your appetite. Push the tip of a long wooden skewers half avocado, pitted broad base down. Moving spirals, triangles nanizhite slices of cheese to the top. Overlaid the foot of the resulting green Christmas trees, circles tomatoes and hoisted on top of a slice of red pepper. By the same principle, you can make a festive tree of any vegetables. The robust design is also obtained from the trunk of carrot, apple-stump and branches, fruits: follow the instructions on the photo!

Fruit marvel

Photo: pinterest. You can also decorate the festive table with whole fruitsPearl in the design of the festive table - a beautiful fruit sliced. Take three fruits of different colors, say, kiwi, pineapple and grapefruit. Cut the pulp into equal, even cubes and fold into a Rubik's cube. Complement the festive table decoration with fruits with mint leaves and pomegranate seeds. Choose large beautiful apples, cut off the caps and remove the core. Fill these baskets with grapes and garnish with orange slices. Guests will not be able to look away from this decor. If there is not very much time for fruit slices, then it is quite possible to decorate the table with whole pears or apples, it also turns out very stylish. 

Sweet creativity  

Photo: pinterest. A sweet table can also be decorated in New Year's style.In the setting of the sweet holiday table there is also where to turn. Take a biscuit-straw, dip it in white glaze and sprinkle with mother-of-pearl powder to make magic wands. Beat up a lot of meringue from egg whites, make snowmen, make funny little faces out of multicolored candies and bake. Ordinary muffins can also be turned into sweet decorations by decorating them with colorful icing, mastic and marzipan patterns. The whole sweet table can also be arranged in the Christmas theme. 

And what original ideas of New Year's serving do you like? If you have photos of your own festive table decoration examples, be sure to post them in the comments. 

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