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Ten rules of how to sustain a diet and do not break

It is not so difficult to fulfill the given promise and start losing weight on Monday, how to maintain a diet and not break down. This disappointing discovery has to be made by everyone who has tried to lose weight at least once in their life.

  Diet for a figure

How to go on a diet and not get frustrated? First of all, you need to choose a diet that suits you in all respects. Get tested, find out the level of hemoglobin and blood sugar, remember the existing chronic diseases. Write down your current parameters: weight, waist, hips and chest, and in front of them indicate the results that you want to achieve. Using this data, you will find a diet that is easy to sustain. Ideally, this should be done with a doctor.

Wish list

Make a list of reasons why you are dieting, this will be your motivation.When answering the question of how to stay on the diet, motivation plays a key role. To create a clear mindset, psychologists advise to write on a piece of paper all the positive changes that await you after losing weight. New beautiful clothes, the opportunity to flaunt on the beach in an open swimsuit, career prospects, etc. Hanging the list on the fridge is a kind of reminder and will help you stay on a diet and not break down.

Help from neighbors

In the matter of dieting, the help of your loved ones will be very helpful.Not sure how to tune in to a diet and not get lost? Seek support from your family. Explain that it will be easier for you if your favorite buns disappear from the house for a while. Talk to your friends so they don't get offended when they refuse to try their signature stew. It will be great if you find allies and start losing weight at the same time. The most gamblers can make a bet with someone. With such an incentive, you will definitely stop losing your diet.

No sudden movements

You need to switch to dietary food smoothly"I went on a diet and fell out ..." Most often, this problem arises due to the fact that we sharply limit ourselves in the usual products. The constant feeling of hunger and the accumulated irritation will sooner or later lead to a breakdown. Therefore, the transition to the new power system should be smooth and gradual. If at the same time you notice a deterioration in well-being, the chosen technique needs to be changed. Only in this way will you stop being frustrated during the diet and gorging itself.

All moves are recorded

Keep a food diaryThe food diary is the main assistant, with which it will be easier to stay on a diet and not break down. Keep a notebook and write down all your meals, the number of calories and fluids consumed, your current weight for each day, and the degree of physical activity in it. Keeping these records is disciplined and helps you develop an optimal diet. And even if you lost your diet for one day, it will be easier for you to return to it.

Useful habits

Accustom yourself to good habits, they will help you tune in to a dietCan't go on a diet, constantly break down and suffer from remorse? This means that you need to accustom yourself to useful habits that will help you tune in the right way. Go shopping with a grocery list and always on a full stomach. Go only to those restaurants that have a diet menu. Stop eating in front of the TV or reading books. Then the question "Why am I losing my diet?" stop pestering you.

Smart snacks

Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy onesMore often than not, we go on a diet for sweets. When sucking in the spoon, we try to drown out this feeling of harmless, in our opinion, chocolate candy or cookies. This is where the root of all evil lies. Bananas, apples, dried fruit or homemade muesli are the best ways to satisfy your hunger attacks. They contain treasured carbohydrates and a lot of filling fiber. So if you feel that the desire to eat something sweet is stronger than you, urgently replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones.

A holiday for yourself

You can celebrate the first victory over kilograms in an "inedible" way

“I lost my diet, I can't stop…” Is this a familiar story? It often starts like this. Having dropped a few extra pounds, we, paradoxically, celebrate the victory with a symbolic piece of our favorite cake. And after such a "reward" it is no longer possible to stop. Psychologists recommend pampering yourself with inedible rewards: new clothes, an accessory, jewelry, or a trip to the spa. This will help you stay on the diet and will charge you with positive emotions.

Truth is in the water

Drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day"Why do I break off a diet, because I do not allow myself too much?" Another unsolvable question of losing weight. Sometimes the reason lies not in food, but in water, more precisely, in its consumed volumes. Drink at least 2 liters of water throughout the day. In addition, make different teas and herbal infusions. Remember: freshly squeezed juices are considered a separate meal, and any alcohol adds calories and whets your appetite. So there are more chances of losing your diet.

For the coming sleep

Healthy sleep will be the key to a successful dietLack of adequate sleep is often the cause of "diet breakdowns". In the evening and especially at night, those who are losing weight are more vulnerable than ever. Often we do not go off the diet every day, but every night. After satisfying our hunger, we blissfully fall asleep, while the digestive system has to work hard. Go to bed early, and then overeating at night will forever be a thing of the past.

We hope that now the issue of "diet breakdowns" will cease to be an insoluble problem for you. If you can add your own proven tricks to this list, share them in the comments.

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